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Hello again:

I spoke about a new book yesterday and I have another story to tell today. I have been very busy writing and am ready today to start the publishing process for my new book titled as above. This story is one that will take you through the intrigue of diamonds, love, and murder. This one should be on the counter at your favorite book store very soon. My first book signing will occur shortly there after.

I don’t know if any of you are writing every day and amassing a number of books that can go on the signing table at the same time or not. I would like to have feed back about this. My thought is this: If you have more than one genre on the table you can entice more readers to choose their style of book, instead of turning off the ones that don’t particularly like your current offering.

Let me hear from you considering this concept.

Have a nice day,

James M. Copeland
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