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It's a blog dodong, articles written maybe not hundred percent free from grammar errors. Ang importante may laman ang binabasa. Kesa sa mala King James version ng Bible gusto mo

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In his very desperate move, Binay releases his video to the public asking people to directly "don't vote for the Davao Mayor Duterte".

This is due to the issue of moral responsibility.

Binay wrap up that the way Duterte act against the crimes, drugs, anomalies, and corruption led to him to become autocrat leader.

Binay statement however appeared to be malicious. It's campaign period anyway, a direct black propaganda against his opponent.

I wonder if this is allowed to defame someone's name just for the Binay's benefit?

Also, Binay isn't yet cleared from allegedly corruption his is involving. Not only Jejomar Binay but his entire family.

And how do Binay refers himself about the issue of "moral responsibility?"

All I can say is Binay has really complicated personality.

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There is no question how strong personality
Duterte has. How he talk and the way he make his move to fight bad guys.

These maybe a simple reason why children are not afraid of him. Kids can speak to Duterte what is inside there hearts without any hesitation.

This video shows the conversation between Duterte and the little guy.

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There's no doubt that when you master and become passionate in playing basketball there are times that you want someone to see how excellent you are by showing them your dribbling skills.

Now, let see what happen the moment you failed to do the job.


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This little girl has enough talent to be a musician. Although, we can't deny how poor the Philippines current state there should be way we can tell people how talented this child is.

And not to mention, I love Philippine street food.

Good young woman!

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It's just a few days ago when we watch brawl between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

The video surfaces on the social media claimed to be the overtime match were bus drivers and conductors caught on the video exchanging fists on road rage.

The action-thrilled scene was not clearly investigated yet. Of how and why it all started.

However, since these fighters are meant to grasp wheels instead hit someone's muscle. Passengers and netizens requested LTFRB, transportation bureau to make a deep investigation.

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'Di raw napipikon kahit tinatawag na gay...
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