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Architecture ::: Photographer ::: Writer ::: Blogger ::: Leader
Architecture ::: Photographer ::: Writer ::: Blogger ::: Leader

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Here's a blog post talking about how I did a small project of my own - building a car bed in my Nissan Tiida hatchback for small road trips. Pro-tip: always reverse into the best view. Ever since going camping in my friend's Honda Fit - a relatively small h...

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Oakley Creek (also known as Te Auaunga) is one of Auckland’s longest urban streams It's not often I haven't heard of a place in my own backyard, and the Oakley Creek Waterfall is certainly one of them being only 12 minutes drive from home. I went to investi...

Snapshot of value over time on Google Sheets


Absolute beginner here, don't know Javascript but want to make this work on my existing Google Sheet.

I'd like to copy a snapshot of a value from a single cell of a spreadsheet across to another tab, where I want it to paste two columns:
- Date
- The copied value

I want this copy paste action to occur by itself once a day. Then on that destination tab, if I could create a line graph showing the value (which happens to be a percentage) as values are added, that would be amazing!

I have gotten this far piecing together scripts and putting in my parameters. However, don't know if it will work and what I need to do to make this script occur in my spreadsheet:

.everyDays(1) // Frequency is required if you are using atHour() or nearMinute()

function Copy() {
var sss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('1HWZMtAkIHAJtZ61bNBYfIqjxX3Oz6JasbdraSWAI4ws'); //replace with source ID
var ss = sss.getSheetByName('ChartData'); //replace with source Sheet tab name
var range = ss.getRange('W3'); //assign the range you want to copy
var data = range.getValues();

var tss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('1HWZMtAkIHAJtZ61bNBYfIqjxX3Oz6JasbdraSWAI4ws'); //replace with destination ID
var ts = tss.getSheetByName('Tracker'); //replace with destination Sheet tab name
ts.getRange(ts.getLastRow()+1, 2,1,1).setValues(data);

Any help much appreciated!

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I was struck by inspiration this morning just as I was about to leave the computer for sunnier things (this just after the end of Daylight Savings after all). John Cage and his "Mushroom Book" of 1972 is a collection of drawings and poetry in a folio format...

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During my last year of architecture school, I used to always walk down to Britomart. It became a place of familiarity as I explored its 'new' form. In spite of the hipster/fashionista/high end vibe of current times, Britomart used to be a really nasty backe...

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Amazing day at this Britomart event.
Britomart Fashion Session 2014
30 Photos - View album

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The amazing dance/drawing by Heather Hansen

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Heather Hansen is a New Orleans-based artist who creates incredible geometries using her body on pieces of paper. Part performance art, the symmetrical forms made with her movements allude to the Virtruvian Man in many iterations. The performance of creatin...

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I'm back on the blog! And with two seductively great architectural projects to talk about. Both are inspired by archery and nothing to do with the popular culture hype that is going around at the moment.

Archery Hall and Boxing Club by FT Architects
Bowstring Truss House by Works Partnership Architecture
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