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Trap Balls game for Android
Fast and simple game, where you entrap balls into central square by placing obstacles.
Fast and simple game, where you entrap balls into central square by placing obstacles.

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New version 3.0.0 of Trap Balls is released on Google Play.
Many new things, like:
- 2 new Worlds (Lime & Olive)
- total of 324 levels to play for free!
- featuring new type of ball: green ball
- updated graphics
- added in-game music

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Trap Balls is App Of The Day on AppReview Central!

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Trap Balls for Android became instantly one of Top New Free Apps in Samsung Apps Store.

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Trap Balls game got another review, this time it was a Chinese apps store.
That was actually 2 weeks ago, but I found it today.
5000 installs from zero, in a week... and counting. Thanks AppChina!

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"Mission: Capture the red balls" Reviewed by AndroidZoom.

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New version 2.0.0 with some major updates:
- worlds mode with levels, collect golden balls to unlock new world
- classic mode remains the same as before
- new menu graphics
- tutorial on first level
- unlock level 50 by rating us
- new music and sounds
- and more...

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"Top new free" games on Google Play, means new games with most downloads in first month after publishing. This is the highest ranking of Trap Balls from 26.10.2012, which is very good regarding the fact there was no ad campaigns for this game at all, nor it was submittet for any review. Now the monthly period for this game is over and it is not on that list anymore.

But...currently the new version of Trap Balls is being prepared.
Many things will be improved and some new features (e.g. worlds with levels) will be added.
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