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Kafka as your microservices backbone
Disclaimer: I only use the word microservices here to get your attention.  Otherwise I would say your platform, your infrastructure or your services. In many cases when your application and/or your team start growing the only way to maintain a fast developm...

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Bandwidth Estimation in WebRTC (and the new Sender Side BWE)
Bandwidth estimation is probably the most critical component in the video engine of WebRTC. The bandwidth estimation (BWE) module is responsible for deciding how much video* traffic you can send without congesting the network to prevent degradation of the ...

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Starting to love gRPC for interprocess communication (1/2)
In the context of a discussion around programming languages and static typing a colleague said that when you get older you stop caring about fancy technologies and you realize that is way better to just use safe and well probed solutions.     I'm kind of ti...

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Using DSCP for WebRTC packet marking and prioritization
It is a common request from WebRTC developers and customers to know how they can differentiate WebRTC traffic from other type in their networks.  Usually the goal is to be able to prioritize RTC traffic over other types of less important traffic. By priorit...

Is it possible to assign custom actions to the Chipolo button? I would love to use it with Tasker app. Thx

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Adding metrics/monitoring to the Mac menu bar
In the past I used to have an extra screen close to my desk where I was able to show different dashboards with metrics to monitor the health of our services.    Depending on the service we can use things like graphite, cloudwatch or google analytics. These ...

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Controlling bandwidth usage in WebRTC (and how googSuspendBelowMinBitrate works)
There are cases where we want to limit the maximum bitrate being transmitted by WebRTC to avoid wasting resources in the user endpoints or save money reducing the bandwidth usage in our severs.   This is because the maximum bitrate by default is around 2Mbp...

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How much plumbing is required to build and deploy a server exposing the simplest HTTP API
I got into an interesting discussion today about the future of development & deployment and one of the premises was that today there is too much plumbing involved on building and deploying everything. I argued that it was not that much plumbing with modern ...

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You need a corporate framework
If you are working in a big enough software development team you
probably agree that consistency in the code and development practices is
very important.  Consistency is what makes you save time when joining a
new project or reviewing somebody else code,...
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