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Illustration - Work In Progress
Started this two days ago, still have a lot more to do with it like the hair and I might add more to the background, I'm not too sure yet. What do you guys think?

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Typical Changing Room Selfie
So glad I bought this jacket, it's perfect for the spring weather. I got it from Topshop, but I can't find the link on the website. Hopefully it is still available in stores.

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March Inspiration
So it's almost Spring, which means I need to start planning clothes that don't involve 5 layers of knitted sweaters and a huge coat. I can't wait until it starts to get warmer so that I can go back to living in a leather jacket and plain white tee. My inspi...

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The hands need working into more and obviously I will need to finish the hair but that takes so long so I'm going to put it off for as long as I can. I just used pencil, gold acrylic paint and black ink to outline the top she is wearing.

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Banksy Book
Banksy is such an amazing artist and will always be one of my favourites, so getting his book was a must. This book is absolutely amazing, with his most famous pieces included as well as some rare photos of his work. Would 100% recommend this to anyone.

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Inspired by Maia Flore.
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