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Smile care shop is an expert in the field of Oral Hygiene.
Smile care shop is an expert in the field of Oral Hygiene.


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Laughing activates your entire brain in the same way meditation does, according to a new study. Researchers from Loma Linda University measured brain activity while people watched funny, stressful, or spiritual videos. Laughing at the funny videos created brain-wide gamma wave activity, which is associated with an increase in dopamine and alertness. Gamma activity is also produced by mindfulness meditation. The study authors believe this means laughter could have some of the same health benefits as meditation, including reductions in stress, blood pressure, and pain. Do you feel more relaxed and alert after a good laugh? Share this post with friends and let us know in the comments. 

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The Importance of Using Mouthwash
You’ve heard it all
your life: brush your teeth after every meal and always remember to
floss. However, standard oral hygiene shouldn’t be a duopoly but a
triumvirate. What’s missing? Rinsing with mouthwash. In fact, a study
published by the Academy of Gene...

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How to Stop Your Gingivitis in its Tracks
Gums that bleed, swell,
and feel tender when touched? It may be gingivitis. Failing to brush
your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day usually sets off gingivitis , the
inflammation of the gums. When left untreated, this condition can
worsen and turn in...

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Top Tooth Brushing Mistakes to Avoid
Brushing your teeth
keeps your mouth healthy and your smile bright. Your mouth needs to
be clean inside and out, so you need to keep cleaning your teeth to
prevent tooth decay and plaque from building up inside. However, you
may still need to follow proper ...

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Interesting Perks of Electric Toothbrushes
the teeth is considered to be among the toughest parts of the body,
they are just as vulnerable to diseases when not given adequate care.
Not brushing at least twice a day, and not visiting the dentist for
cleanup at least once a year, may lead to irr...

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The Mystery behind the Mouthwash Sting
Arguably, the only
inconvenience related to mouthwash use is the sting. Some can’t
stand the burning sensation whenever they wash their mouth with a
generous helping. While no-sting formulas in the market exist, the
burning sensation is often considered a s...

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The Benefits of Using Electric Toothbrushes
importance of regularly brushing teeth can’t be stressed enough;
brushing reduces plaque buildup in teeth, which in turn reduces tooth
decay and tooth loss. Although folks have the option of using their
regular and traditional toothbrushes, electric too...

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Anyone Can Use an Electric Toothbrush
When used frequently
and properly, electronic toothbrushes provide a number of benefits to
oral hygiene. They provide superior clean due to bristles that rotate
and vibrate at speeds that no human hand can match manually. Apart
from the thorough cleaning, e...
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