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My apologies again for delays. Dealing with a really stressful situation right now and am trying to get the money up to make a major emergency move

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I feel kind of awkward doing this, but my wife and I who have been separated for several years are trying to rekindle our marriage. However, during our time apart she got herself in quite a bit of legal trouble and a serious drug addiction. She's been clean for two years now, but still has probation to deal with, and the state of Florida is making it all but impossible for her to transfer her probation here to Texas, and her current living situation is not good the maintaining of her sobriety. I hate doing this, but I'm asking for help in moving out to her so we save what's left of our marriage.

Sorry about the playtest delay. I have to fix a couple of things on the playtest material tonight and put the revised packet up for download, then I'll put the playtest together on Myth-weavers and post that so we can officially kick this thing off! 

It's not the lightening that'll kill you. It's when it strikes almost right outside your bedroom window at 1am and you jump out of bed, hit the wall and almost fall and bust your head open...

Hi folks! Just found this community and joined. I'm currently developing my simplified 2d6 'classless' fantasy rpg system called Hakkenslash. Started it nearly 3 years ago then went back working on the road and had to shelve the project, but been back at it hard the last few weeks, tweaking a few things and revising the spell system entirely. Got beginner-level rules pretty much ready for playtesting finally.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi (and do a bit of shameless promotion, naturally lol)

FINALLY got enough work done with my homebrew system to start some playtesting...which leads to the reason I'm posting here. This means I have a little time freed up to finally begin running a Saturday game of S&W (possibly White Box) next weekend if anyone is interested.

I plan on using Roll20, but remember reading something recently about it not working with G+/Hangouts api anymore or something along those lines...anyone want to fill me in on this?

...or we could just run it straight Hangouts

Due to difficulty finding enough interested players directly on G+, I'll be moving the playtest to myth-weavers where It should be much easier to find a couple more players

May have to move the game to myth-weavers. having a hard time garnering enough player interest here on G+

Initial playtest material done (mostly...need to errata a couple of things tomorrow evening). Almost have my PbP playtest group rounded out with a hopeful starting date of Wednesday. Now to find a couple more people willing to to run more playtest groups so I can start gathering feedback and working out the kinks!

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I forgot to add starting HP info on the material. you'll each start with 10 hp + CON modifier

For rolling, we will be using If you're not already a member, please create an account, with your user name being the same (or as close as possible) to your character name.

In the room name you want to join, use Hakkenslash PT. You'll roll there and link the rolls to your in-game posts
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