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Playing a Magic Online cube draft.  I have no idea what I'm doing :).

If you have a checkbox in your UI labeled "Opt in", but the box is checked by default, that is not an opt-in... >:/

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Don't worry, Facebook, it's not like I typed some other email address in there because I wanted people to know what it is.  Thanks for looking out for my best interests.  Ugh.

From an email recruiting a "technical co-founder":

"Compensation: A large equity share for a few months until we secure funding."

At which point, the investors will dilute it into a small equity share? ;)

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Betteridge's Law in action...

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Disappointed in the Haskell type checker for the following:

lucky :: Int -> String
lucky 8 = "Yup!"
lucky 4 = "Not so much."

ghci> lucky 13
* Exception: Non-exhaustive patterns in function Main.lucky

Just read this article about how OCaml catches errors like this statically.

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Requiring open access to the results as a condition of public funding for research seems like a no-brainer to me.

Journals are extracting way too much money from a process whose primary funding comes from elsewhere, and they're crimping the flow of useful information in order to do so.

I encourage everyone to sign this petition.

"Designing and implementing efficient and provably correct parallel machine learning (ML) algorithms can be very challenging." Really? Cause it sounds easy.

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