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Martin Merkel
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Martin Merkel

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Chemical Boy feat. Fe Malefiz Mister O +Beatport +BEATPORT OFFICIAL PAGE +Beatport Singles 
hello and good morning to all hope you like my little #Voyager
greetings from germany
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'One of the greatest finds of the past few years' hails John 00 Fleming. This track is one of the most beautiful tracks we've heard for a very long time swamped with emotion and gorgeous melodies. The vocal is unique and original that makes your heart melt. For us this is the track of the year and deserves to put Martin on the map of one of the greatest producers out there.

Martin Merkel

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here we go, right at the moment the #GTR Show is running with John 00 Fleming behind the decks and here comes the #Voyager Martin Merkel feat. Fe malefiz
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#Zwielicht & Der Regenwurm im Abendland out now #Exclusive +Juno Download
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Tesla, (1605 / Deeperfect / IAMT) : Nice EP! Joseph Capriati, (Drumcode) Daniel Bortz, (Suol / Pastamusik) Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) Noemi Black, great job! awesome Ep. Erik Yahnkovf, Massive release as always. full support martin is great, Andy Notalez, (Yellow Recordings), Markus Schulz, (Global DJ Broadcast), Steve Parry, (The Red Zone – Juice 107.6 FM), Cristian Varela, (Pornographic Recordings), Steve Sai, (Bonzai / Friday Lights) : Great Release !! Support !!! Anderson Noise, (Radio Noise / Noise Music), Vladimir Acic, (1605 / Italo Business), Vincent Hiest, (Electrovino Records), Gregor Zalokar, (Press / Slovenia), Frank Savio, (Driving Forces Recordings), Nikki, (Overload Radio), real solid clubbers!!, Erwin Kelemen, (Freies Radio Freudenstadt), : oh yessss,playing LOUD! Richie Hawtin, (Minus), Robin Hirte, (Truth Tracks / Stereo Seven Plus / Nervous NY), : Great Martin – as always ! Dataminions, (Marko / 1605),: great job from Martin Merkel , Tocadisco, (Tocacabana / Toca45), : ich mag den wurm!!!! MdS, : GREAT EP !!! Tom Laws, (Respekt / Phobiq): fat deep nice Treavor Moontribe, (Desert Trax), Kritix Choyce, : What is this brilliant sound ripping through my mind? ITS AMAZING SOUNDS OF MARTIN MERKEL! This producer knows whats up! Each of these tracks has a driving and progressive soul that lives to make you move! Once you hear these tracks you will incorporate them into your set and move the masses! G.PAL, (Swift Records), Rick Pier o’Neil, Gabriel Ben, (Toolroom / Spinnin’ / Rawthentic), John 00 Fleming, J00F, Huge fan of Martins work!! Alessan Main, (Amethyps / Prestige / Trapez) : awesome! Pedro Delgardo, (Ying Yang) : Love this melodic twist Marco Carola, (Minus / Plus 8), Stefano Lotti, (Phobiq / Gastspiel / Capsula), Sisko Electrofanatik: (Neurotraxx / Armada / IAMT) Alessio Frino, (Flappers / Ovestclub) James Monro, (4DigitalAudio) : awesome stuff….spot on! Daniel Mehes, The Advent, (Kombination Research), Brian Cheetham, (Global Dance Session), Alexander Madness, (1605 / Sabotage) : Der Regenwurm im Abendland (Original Mix) is a KILLER!!! Dandi & Ugo, (Italo Business) : love this sounds!!!! Nathan Thompson, (Kiss FM) : Nice selection here, really good stuff! DJ Pena, (Flow Vinyl), Steve Lawler, (VIVA)
Niklas Venn, Good release! Will play these tracks for sure!, Seth Schwarz, 3000 Grad, Acker Records, Ectoplastic, : Was für ein Regenwurm! Agoria, Brian Bacchus (Summit Sessions Radio Show) Summit Sessions, : Both versions of Zwielicht are great grinding workouts! Repton, Login Records, : Der Regenwurm im Abendland interesting tune !! Hutenberger, Neuzeit, Janosch Gebauer, (FAZEmag) Metro Oldenburg, awesome tune! great work!!! Mano Meter, Fachwerk Studios, Jack Floyd, West-K9-Lapsus Flokati, Flauschig Records, Mellowclub Steve Cole, Schallbox Records : big release! Chris Fortier, Field Trip Mano Meter, Fachwerk Studios, Alexander Bien,, Minlab, Society 3.0, Tulipa, Sleep Is Commercial, Lapsus Music, Silvia Trix, Black Sam Records, Pat St Rem, Radio Warm FM,
#Monkey #Business +Martin Merkel (OFFICIAL) Die Nuss und der Knacker +Google Play
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Jean Jerome, Radio FG, Excellent EP, well done!
Alessan Main, Amethyps, Prestige, Trapez, amazing !
Sasha Carassi, Phobiq, Drumcode, Ludovic Rambaud, Journalist,  DJ, djmag Review ! D.G Hubbard, Black Nation Records, Gregor Zalokar, Press, Slovenia, Erwin Kelemen, Freies Radio Freudenstadt, das knackt ganz schööön,bravo herr merkel!
Brian Cheetham, Global Dance Session, Joseph Capriati, Drumcode,
Dr. Motte, PRAXXIZ, quality underground techno lovers will dance to it all nite long - Download, Play & Support by Dr. Motte
Erik Yahnkovf, Massive sounds from my dear bro martin merkel, always surprising me, only one word. AMAZING ! Dataminions, Marko, 1605, : wicked EP….the right one for Boltzmann TNX for the music, Steve Sai, Bonzai, Friday Lights, : Great release !!!
Marc Pole, : great release, thx 4 sending !
Michele Pinna, Triangle Records, : Die Nuss und der Knacker (Part II) is dope ! Terry Francis, Fabric, Macromism, Tronic, SCI+TEC, Break New Soil, Markus Schulz, Global DJ Broadcast, Tesla, 1605, Deeperfect, IAMT, Richie Hawtin, Minus, Flavio Diaz, Drumcode, Analytictrail, MKT, Andy Notalez, Yellow Recordings, : Cool experimental EP !
Grant Paterson, Edinburgh Evening News, : warped out shit, nice !!
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#Fahnenkind   feat. #FeMalefiz    +Beatport  #Traumwelten  
Support by : Marco Carola, Ziggy, Qbical, Slam, (Orde), Georg Hagmeier, DID Records, Markus Schulz, Jeremias Werner, Peter Kruder, (Kruder & Dorfmeister), Steffen Brucker, Hans Tavera, Gareth Whitehead, Dr Motte, Sergej, Get Physical, M.A.N.D.Y, Dj T, Booka Shade, Partysan, Stefanowitz, Oliver Schories, Tunnel FM, Fedde Le Grand, Chuck Flask, Slinke, Richie Hawtin, Ill-Boy Phill, Sisko, Electrofanatik, Neurotraxx, Armada, IAMT,
Dualitik, 1605, Binary404, Italo Busines,
Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News) : That’s a track Martin, very nice, very nice. Want to join me for a guest slot on my radio show?, Nikki, Overload Radio, Umek, Stefano Lotti, Phobiq, Gastspiel, Capsula, Steve Parry, The Red Zone Juice 107.6 FM, Taktfast: Quality release Love the vocal edit, Bageera Refuge Digital, KMS Records, Jeton Records, Pablo Demonio,,  Klubbers FM, Andy Notalez, Yellow Recordings, Noemi Black: Awesome track! Great vocal, Many thanks for it!, Great job!, Mollo,Flat Belly: loving it! nice vocal!,
Pedro Delgardo, Ying Yang: LOVE IT,
Erik Yahnkof :Woow simply wow awesome ep i love it, will play it for sure, awesome tracks many many thx, full support, Mars Bill, Respekt, DFR, Blind Spot, Gabriel Ben, Toolroom,Spinnin, Rawthentic, David Christoph: love that ep, great suff thx for the download,
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Fahnenkind feat. Fe Malefiz (Vocal Edit) [Traumwelten] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
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great track !
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