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Check it out Girls and guys...Steph is ripping it up in the small stuff.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"It is what I am here to do. It's why I want to surf at my best. I just love competing," said Stephanie Gilmore, after an explosive start to her season at the Anditi Women's Pro in Newcastle. The event, a Qualifying Series 6,000-level contest, was her first competitive foray of the season and a kind of warmup for the elite Championship Tour, which starts March 14. And if her results so far are any indication, she's back in the kind of form and mindset that have won her six World Titles already.

Gilmore jumped out to an early lead with a 9.0 with her first ride, which featured two huge gouges. Her next wave featured only two turns as well, but both were perfectly executed displays of grace and power, leaving the judges with no choice but to reward the natural footer with a perfect score. Read the whole story here! A hui hou! 

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Do You Know to Paddle Around the Impact Zone When Surfing?

Have you learned how to judge the impact zone and what to consider in the different conditions when you are surfing? The impact zone is where the waves have the most energy and where systematic water motions give way to heavy duty turbulence in the surf. But it is the most exciting part of the ocean.

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Check out this Blog: 

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Surf Tips Hawaii's Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson & her surf coaches will help guide with an amazing foundation with your surfing. Surf tips for Maui and your surfing. Nancy really loved what Hawaii’s artist Robert Wyland said “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” 

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Are You thinking about a Spring or Summer Holiday Surfing? We welcome U to come visit us surfing in Maui, Oahu Hawaii or Gold Coast Australia! Private group surf adventures, private surf clinics & surf guides. Check us out on #surfmauihawaii & or #surfclinics #surfing #surfinglifestyle #waves #maui #oahu #hawaii #goldcoast #surfingschool #mauisurf #oahusurf

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Maui Boys were going off in the 2nd Round at the Volcom Pipe Pro

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OH My Goodness! Now there is endless waves and no crowds off of Maui riding a foil. Gotta try this looks so fun watching Kai Lenny! Kai you Rock! #surfmauihawaii #Maui #Hawaii #Learntosurf #surfing

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Here is an amazing women surfer from South Africa that has been on the World Surf League tour for a few years and please read and share what
Bianca shares which may hit a heart beat for your surfing and search!
A while back Bianca Buitendag made a last minute decision to venture just beyond the borders of her home country, discovering an oasis of wonder not many people have had the privilege of uncovering.

"The value of the discovery is enhanced the more troublesome the process of finding it is, yet having been around the world clockwise and the opposite. It was about time that I ventured with a narrower diameter, exploring just beyond my country’s own borders. This film is about a last minute decision to depart for the south west of Africa, lighting a flame of excitement I didn't think I had in me anymore. With every take off, my heart raced faster than the circumstances could allow, my eyes wide with wonder, spirit soaring. Passion is so powerful, and seeing it the eyes of every person that paddled past me in the line up made me start to understand this love called surfing that we all share.” - Bianca Buitendag

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What do you think Kelly or Kanoa?

Now here is Australia's Coastalwatch's Take on the Pipe event.

Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was December 23, 2016

1. Bourez Won The Pipe Masters, Igarashi Performs For His Pal

Wasn’t this a strange event? For the first time in five years, the World Title was settled before the world’s surfing elite had touched down on Oahu for the Pipe Masters, but that doesn’t stop it from being the Wimbledon of the WSL season, or some other sporting analogy thing, "Pipe Master" is the title everyone wants on their CV when they finish their surf careers and start logging onto So what a gosh damn bummer it was for Rounds 2 and 3 to have to be run on a day where surfers were desperately scratching for anything above a five. Where Kai Otton could beat Stuey Kennedy in Round 2 with a total heat score of 4.93! He won the heat with a pair of twos! Crazy. And in Round 3 Pipe Masters like Julian Wilson and Adriano De Souza were being knocked out of the event holding onto wavescores of a 1.17 and 0.77 respectively.

However, somehow, Conner Coffin in the same conditions was able to find a 9.07 out there (and still lose to Kelly Slater, gifting the Rookie of The Year award to Ciao Abelli).

They smashed through the comp in just three days. They even had the last heat of Round 3 to run on the final day, making it an absolute slog of a last day for the year. Michel Bourez remained the last man standing, his first win since he broke a vertebrae in a horrific Teahupo’o wipe-out last year puts him the elite company of Derek Ho, Andy Irons, and Joel Parkinson as the only surfers to have won each event of the Hawaiian Triple Crown. Top stuff.

The biggest surprise, however, was the performance of runner-up Kanoa Igarashi. Apart from Event 1 on the Gold Coast, the Californian rookie and youngest surfer on tour had finished every single event of the year in Round 3, and had to qualify for 2017 on the QS. That was until the Pipe Masters. Despite never having surfed the event, the kid took down all comers including a dominant Jordy Smith (twice) and the greatest Pipe Master of all in Kelly Slater (Twice) to make the final against Bourez. And in doing so he double qualified and cleared a spot for his friend and teammate Zeke Lau, who had finished 11th on the QS this year.

That qualification came at a cost for Santa Cruz goofy-foot Nat Young, who slipped to 23 on the rankings, and will need to hop back on the QS (depending on what Mick wants to do next year). He joins Davey Cathels, Adam Melling, Keanu Asing, Matt Banting, Dusty Payne, Alejo Muniz, Ryan Callinan and Alex Ribeiro to in falling off the tour and back onto the grind, while veteran Kai Otton will be giving the QS a miss, in a relative forced retirement from full time CT competition.

The injury wildcards have gone to Bede Durbidge and Owen Wright. Owen's acceptance of a spot on the 2016 tour is pending on medical evaluation and approval. If he is unable to compete in 2017, his injury wildcard will go to Alejo Muniz.
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