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My first scarf I made that is my creation! Second scarf total.
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Finally! I know how to count the slip stitch correctly when making a motif! I have consistently ended up with my count off on flowers, coasters, every motif that starts with a chain stitch ring (or magic circle)! This motif is gorgeous and unique, and the clear instructions taught me what I have been trying to figure out since last summer! Thank you!

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Love these colors, the flower, the yarn! Its a winner!

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Maschelle Mashburn

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Sumatra Blue Batak coffee is prepared in a process which gives the unroasted beans a distinct blue tint. The result: sweet herbal notes—earthy and deep. #DiveIn #StarbucksReserve
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Maschelle Mashburn

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My 2nd scarf. My first scarf that is totally my creation! I'm so excited!

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This backs up what my doctor, and own common sense, and research has told/shown me. That caffeine is the culprit to be aware of. Re: the comment about their perceived amount of actual coffee in those HUGE cups Americans are seen drinking from. They are either from a latte stand or are a travel mug. The first containing, by default, one shot of espresso and a TON of other things. A travel mug is just that. It isn't a "single serving" per say,( a single serving of coffee as described in info on your coffee maker is 6oz. That's not even a literal cup measure of 8oz). It is a cup that will fit in a car's cup holder, and keep coffee warm, and unspilled while traveling/commuting. My coffee mugs hold the same amount of coffee as an average travel mug. Its the stuff we pour and stir in our coffee that is hideously bad for our health! Plus, if you are the typical American you have to examine your other caffeine intakes used to fuel America's love of that "quick, BIG energy boost to try to get way too much done in way too little time, AND we're running late" lifestyle. There are energy drinks, soda, loaded with sugar, caffeine, or if its "Sugar Free", chemicals that are murder on your nerve health.
I don't believe a typical, intended cup of coffee by definition, is some big evil in American society. Take away a Brits tea and see if you pull back a hand, or a stub! And rightly so! Or the Japanese tea? Big part of their culture, And good for you. So, lets look at the real culprits in those "HUGE" cups of coffee you see Americans with, not the intended single shot of espresso, or the optical impression of a travel mug's size, making it appear to hold copious amounts of coffee. It's what we add to them, including those extra shots of espresso, that are bad for us, especially when added to our typical daily lifestyle in Americana. 

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Oh wow! I can't WAIT to do this!!
Now you don't need a plane ticket to witness the wonders of the Taj Mahal. With Google Street View, you can explore 30 of India's national treasures.

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Recipe of the Day: The Pioneer Woman's Simple, Perfect Enchiladas

Follow Ree's lead by using canned enchilada sauce to save time in the kitchen.

Get this recipe > 
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The Pioneer Woman has such yummy recipes!!

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The colors in these flowers are one if my most beloved colorways!
Trichocereus hybrid "First Light"
Dorothy Kalthoff
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Full-time, chronically ill with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, mom.
Finding creative ways to live a quality life with new illness-imposed limits!
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52 yr. old. Female. currently very debilitated from ME/CFS (all possible systems that it can assault are affected), and Fibromyalgia. There are a ton of other conditions ((all Proud mom of 3 adult children & one under 18. Just found out I'm gonna be a grandma! My first grandchild! Woot! A new life! My hobbies are currently un-doable (reading, gardening, homemaking, cooking, fishing, barbecues, camping, playing keyboard, singing) so I have had to say " hope I get to see ya soon, I miss you so all much!" and find something i CAN do,,,, because moping about is out of the question! I watch a lot of tv, sorta (usually fall asleep trying), and play simple games on my Android mini tablet. Very recently I realized I can still crochet small, easy projects! Yay! I can make flowers and other sweet things for myself and others with yarn! Life is harder at the moment, but only a blind person wouldn't be able to find any reason at all to smile about in my life! I'm sick, yes, but I still am blessed in many, many ways!
Too tired right now maybe later?  :-) 
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lived through winters in Nome, Alaska and Loved it!
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They can't. LOL, Nice try., Read above, Who has 3 phones?, Omgoodness, it just keeps going..... Amazing!
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February is almost here. So I've been working on a crocheted heart that can be used for coasters or attached on a tie for cute wall buntings

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These 11 popular sodas tested positive for a potential carcinogen.

A chemical used for caramel color could cause cancer—and it's very common in soft drinks, Consumer Reports finds.

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Caron Simply soft

Bij Schouten Handwerken kwam ik voor het eerst Caron Simply Soft tegen, echt een prachtig garen gemaakt van acryl. Hiervoor gebruikte ik alt

little woollie

Our house has been very warm, but it is a good excuse to have lots of cold drinks and icy poles and laze around watching the tennis for good

Especially good with children. Very personable. The quality off work is excellent. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, kind and gentle both to frightened children and nervous parents. I highly recommend them to parents of special needs children.
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They were SO much help when we had to find kid-friendly foods that didn't have ingredients my daughter was allergic to! They were reading labels WITH us! How many stores in this area work that hard to help a customer? Not many at all!
Quality: Very goodAppeal: Very goodService: Excellent
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