Guide to making a video question
Here’s a quick and simple guide to making a good video question - and uploading it to YouTube.
1) Think of a question on a European issue that’s important to you. Then write it down and read it back to yourself.  Is it short, clear and concise? If not, edit it until you can say it in about 20 seconds.
2) Next, record your question using your home computer or your mobile phone’s video camera.  Either way, make your recording somewhere that is well-lit (either outdoors or indoors, with the light source behind the camera and pointing at your face!) and quiet (with no background noise).
3) Once you've recorded your question, all you need to do is upload the video to YouTube and submit it the European Commission’s official YouTube Channel (, using YouTube Moderator, as follows:
a) Upload your video to your account on YouTube (instructions here if you’ve never uploaded a video before). You may need to sign in, if you haven’t already.
b) Go to  and navigate to the tab “Moderator”
d) In the box that says "What is your question?", type in a quick description of your video
e) Enter your YouTube video URL in the next box. This says "(optional)" but in this case is mandatory
f) Add a location below the URL box. This is optional
g) Click the Submit button.
4) Once you’ve submitted your video, tell all your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to vote on your video at 

The more votes you get, the higher the chance that Euronews will pick your question to put to President Barroso.
Please note:
 We’ll be applying a light moderation policy. So we won’t be accepting videos or questions that contain abusive or offensive language, nudity and so on.
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