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Let me start by detailing how I'm trying to use the great Autocrat in this instance...

I have 2 forms that link to the same Spreadsheet. 1 form is filled out by case carriers of students transitioning into my program, the other by the students themselves. I MANUALLY go in after the survey is filled out and copy the info from the case carrier sheet, and paste it into the student interview sheet (thus getting the 2 sheets of data onto 1 sheet).

The problem:

I run merge with the intent to basically present the information learned from staff and student onto a 1 page template. This merge has approximately 55 tags. Over half of the tags are simply coded (ie "<<01>>", "<<27>>", etc.) to make manual matching easier during merge setup and to give me a decent idea of what the template will look like while I'm creating it.

After matching the tags with the proper fields, setting the results to email me, and saving, I run my merge. What I get is over half the tags are replaced with "undefined" (even though there is data in each cell). When I jump into to edit the merge, the tags that were listed as undefined are now matched to "timestamp".

Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to not be able to use this (it would save us a ton of time). 

Question: is there any way to print a spreadsheet WITHOUT gridlines (ie that option you can check when printing in Google Sheets). I've checked through the FAQ and didn't spot anything... 

Thank you for your awesome addon that has already saved me a lot of time. Please consider (if it's even possible??) including Google Slides for templates as well. I can only dream of how much more production I'd get done with things that require watermarks/BG images. 

Reaching out to this community to see if there are any ideas:

I have a PDF form that I fill out for new students that require a public transportation bus pass at a reduced cost. This is a form provided by the public transportation company. Filling it out through adobe is OK, but I could do it much quicker if I were able to leverage autocrat and a Google Form.

Anyone have any experience or ideas about using pre-existing forms and autocrat? (I understand that the file would need to be in Docs or Sheets with << >> tags). For instance, I thought maybe if I could set an image of the form as a background in Docs and overlay a table with autocrat tags to "fill out" the form...

I hope that makes sense. 

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You can edit & save Office files with this Chrome extension or convert them to Docs, Sheets, or Slides. #TuesdayTip 

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