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A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. Nice post from +Chris Sewell . Thanks for sharing +Phil Nickinson 
Update at the bottom

Somewhat of a tldr is at the bottom of this rant, pair that up with the image if you're too lazy to read through the post

It's a well known fact that the vast majority of people (myself included) will tend to complain if they have an issue, but stay silent if they're happy. Similar to a waiter in a restaurant. Had horrible service? Most people will complain to no end. Great service? A lot of people will simply only leave a nice tip and carry on their way.

Jean-Baptiste, a Technical Lead for AOSP, put up these tweets yesterday and it reminded me of all of this.

While I'm certain there are a thousand positive comments about the Nexus 4 and AOSP, they're almost certainly drowned out by the negative comments. While there is such thing as constructive criticism, there is definitely something called destructive feedback. ( is a comic about all of this) 

In short, destructive feedback is something we've all almost certainly been guilty of at one point in time or another. Myself included. It's giving feedback that doesn't offer any any reference to improvement. You've probably seen a lot of this in Play Store comments. "THIS APP SUCKS! UNINSTALLED!" is actually destructive feedback. The app developer has no idea what your issue was, you were an asshole and used all caps and you've lowered the average rating of the app without giving anything constructive at all in your comment. You simply bashed the developer and went about your day. And yeah, caps aside I've been there too at one point or another.

We've all had our fair share of encounters with bugs with various software, Android included. And we should all be able to agree that there really isn't a "perfect" phone. Sure sure, you may love your [insert phone here] to the point of defending it to the world, but it's got at least something that you wish were different / better. I currently own a Nexus 4, I was lucky enough to snatch an 8GB version before they sold out in the first round. And yeah, it's got several things I wish were better. 

I've caught myself in the recent past being one of those people that really only ever talk about the Nexus 4 when I have an issue with it. As mentioned above, there are real people behind these products that have quite a lot of pride in the work that went on to it. While there may be things you wish were different and better, there's got to be things that you love about it as well else you'd have likely sold it and moved along. There are way too many choices for Android phones these days for you to just sit there with a phone you can't stand. I wouldn't trade my N4 for any other phone on the market, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

So, with all of that said. I'm going to go on a limb here and try something. Comments for G+ posts can only have 500 comments, and we've got two topics here. AOSP and the LG Nexus 4. I've personally been in hangouts with plenty of you that circle me that have had tons of awesome things to say about both of these topics, so I'm pretty confident this can be done.

Got a positive comment about AOSP and the Nexus 4? Leave it in the comments. I'd like to encourage anyone that reshares this to point people back to the comments of this post so that we can try and hit that 1k mark, but you're definitely not obligated to.

Have nothing nice to say? Then consider at least resharing this post. While you might be that guy, you're almost guaranteed to have someone that has something nice to say following you.

We've (collectively) left thousands of comments on cat videos and animated gifs here on G+, I can't see any reason why we can't get together and leave similar amounts of comments here.

Jean-Baptiste Quéru comments:
Thanks +Chris Sewell. Of course, the sad part here is that twitter being twitter with its 140-character limit, I couldn't express myself precisely enough. That's why I shouldn't use twitter, I guess.

What frustrates me to no end is the way people talk about the way Nexus 4 is supported in AOSP. That's a subject of endless negativity.

The current state of Nexus 4 in AOSP is the result of a ton of work already, of a lot of battles. There's been a lot of progress compared to where things were 6 months ago.

All that is in the context of 4.2, which is one of the best AOSP releases ever for new hardware: in addition to all the work that went into Nexus 4, just as much went into Nexus 10, which was the first device ever to be fully functional in AOSP builds on launch day. Nexus 7 Mobile got factory images, and there were updates all around for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

Right now, barely 3 months after launch, factory images are available for Nexus 4, which can be used by anyone with a Nexus 4. In terms of factory images, that's the best record of any Nexus phone so far. Yet, when those factory images re-appeared on Tuesday (which was the result of a lot of fighting), nobody pointed out that this was putting Nexus 4 ahead of the pack. Instead, the feedback all around the blogosphere was negative, snarkily pointing out that the proprietary hardware-related files weren't available.

I know that Nexus 4 support in AOSP isn't perfect. Knowing that is part of my job, and trying to improve things if possible is part of my job. I also know how it compares to previous Nexus phones, and I know things aren't so bad.

Even when I read the comments here, I see people saying they like their Nexus 4, and people saying that they like AOSP... separately. The combination of the two, though, nope, regardless of the decent starting point and of the visible progress. And that remains horribly frustrating.

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This looks like a really good idea. Better safe than sorry.

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A Google Nexus 7 tablet running Android 4.1 (code name Jellybean) would be nice. That's why I'm resharing this post.
I will be giving away a brand new Nexus 7 tablet, all you need to do is reshare this post on G+.  Once the video below reaches 1 million views I will pick a winner!  #BoycottApple   #nexus7   #giveaway  

*update I don't care where you live... in Mars or Jupiter I will ship anywhere!*

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The most sought after Android tablet (at the moment) would be great to win!

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This pair would be nice!

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My choice would be the Asus Transformer Prime. But either the Sony S or the original Transformer & dock will do just fine. Thanks for the opportunity +Android Police !

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My Asus netbook needs a companion!
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