What would you say to that?
Breaking one of my rules today and debating an atheist.  Not entirely sure why, but this seems to be actually sharpening my own beliefs, so there's at least something to be gained from it, for me.

It strikes me that I actually agree with everything he says regarding science.  Yes, evolution happened, yes, the Universe is 15 (or so) billion years old, yes to all of it...  but that still doesn't tell us why, just how.  And that question will never be answered by science, because in a hundred million years, everything will be gone anyway.  Science tells us that, too.  So without some kind of transcendent meaning, what's left?

I don't worship science.  I can't.  That would be like worshipping a creation rather than a creator.

Ah well.  It's Sunday, I guess I can be a little spiritual today.  Nothing else to do.
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