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Hi there!

You're probably looking for news & tools for website owners. Circle my +Essentials Of The Online Business page to get them.

This account is a more of a personal one, I post the news only on the above page.

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Tranzyt Wenus z dzisiejszego poranka
The Ultimate Transit of Venus footage via NASA. Wow!

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A beautiful, simple visualization of a magnetic field.

via +Joe Hanson's It's okay to be smart.

originally from here:


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Swiecace bakterie na Malediwach :)
The Maldives, glittering from phosphorescent bacteria

Phosphorescence is a specific type of photoluminescence related to fluorescence. Unlike fluorescence, a phosphorescent material does not immediately re-emit the radiation it absorbs. The slower time scales of the re-emission are associated with "forbidden" energy state transitions in quantum mechanics. As these transitions occur very slowly in certain materials, absorbed radiation may be re-emitted at a lower intensity for up to several hours after the original excitation.

This activity is reminiscent of the bacteria which provide light for the well-known luminescent organs of fish living in the greatest depths of the oceans, . . . an environment inimical to the multiplication of the more familiar bacterial species. Presumably animal tissues are able to provide a substrate which fuels the bioluminescent reaction at low temperatures.

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Świetne zdjęcia z Międzynarodowej Stacji Kosmicznej
See our Home: the Earth Planet from the +International Space Station

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pod namiotami :)
Surprisingly, we’re not huge fans of camping here at

Especially not when it’s 4,000ft up a vertical cliff face! Yikes.

Here's ‘Extreme Camping’ (from Gordon Wiltsie - via telegraph co uk)

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Co by bylo gdyby Microsoft wypuscil okulary do rozszerzonej rzeczywistosci :)
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