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Short Story and Announcement!
Gooooooood afternoon Iron Wyvern and readers! Apropos of the title, I, one third of the J.T.Z. Baner trio, have written a short snippet for the Wyvern , but, more importantly, have an announcement to make. So, all you in the back, quiet down, this is import...

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Camp NaNoWriMo!
Yes indeed! J and I ( Z ) are embarking on Camp NaNoWriMo ( T 's busy) this April 1st for a voyage of words from the docks of Budding Creativeness, on which we will probably contract horrible seasickness and writer's block, but hopefully will sail straight ...

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There're Novels (love 'em), then their are Novellas, glorified short stories (love those too). And then  there are Novelicas, an unusual breed of literature, these are the sort of stories you write in an hour, and edit in half, and then post on your blog as...

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Sunday Fiasco: Hippogriff Herd Blitzkrieg's Helpless Town
Terror (which is a vital ingredient in a good fiasco) struck the town of WeeluvTarur in the county of YezouiDo early yesterday morning when a massive contingent of Hippogriffs flew over the market square and without warning began to bombard the citizens wit...

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Water Under the Bridge Letter 5
Lout, I
gather from your reply to my first letter that your parents disapprove of my
missive born education for your advancement in social inadequacy.           Well, Lout, I think your parents’
distrust of my qualifications is a sham for something deeper. ...

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K9 Experiments Go Horribly Wrong...
(Cue Suspenseful Backing Track) Over the last hundred years, dog  breeders , corrupt organizations like PetSmart, and sadistic money seeking tycoons have merged the DNA of many a mutt so to create amorphous creatures that will perfectly satisfy the populace...

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Water Under the Bridge Letter 4
Lout, Lout, Lout, I take it as a sign of goodwill that you did not tell your mother about our correspondence. Keep it that way. In your most recent (and only, so far) letter to me, you mentioned receiving letters from two other "uncles." Please assure me th...

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8th Riddling Derby Results and Rewards
The battlefield of riddles has quieted, overheated cerebral cortex's have cooled, so now let's PAAAR-TAAAY! Actually, we're going to announce the latest winner and champion of the 8th Riddling Derby of 2014! Lets look through the answers and tally the point...

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Book of the Week Nov. 15 2014 and RIDDLING DERBY!
Are you all watching? Are you all reading? Yes you are! Welcome back to the Wyvern's Den! Yet again, readers, we at the blog will be fusing two of our attractions into one, but with something else in the mix! Whoever is victorious in our newest Riddling Der...

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Letter Three!
Title says it all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My young friend, It’s me, your
uncle. If you didn’t know that you had an uncle, then that’s fine. Until very
lately, I didn’t know that I had a nephew. And ...
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