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This review is of the SERVICE department at this location. I have not purchased a car from this dealership and am thus not able to provide feedback on that. I can say that, given my experiences with their Service Department, I do not think I would trust any part of their business. On February 4th, we took our 2008 Grand Caravan in to have a sticky brake caliper replaced. After claiming the work would take a day or two at most, we were surprised when several went by with no call back. It turned out the mechanic, "Oscar," had left for some days - without telling anyone, I guess, how to deal with our car. When Oscar returned, he twice claimed it was impossible to get in contact with our warranty people in order to authorize the repairs, claiming they must be out of the office. Twice I demonstrated, within seconds, that I could reach them on the phone just fine. He simply lied about trying. Once I'd finished doing Oscar's job for him, we drove away, thinking that was that. Lo and behold, the brakes squealed and juddered - it turned out that in surfacing the rotors, they had overheated and warped them. Those were replaced February17th. Less than 8 months and less than 9,000 miles later, we noticed squealing and pulsations coming from the brakes. We took them to a different mechanic, one we trust. He peeled off the pads and showed them to me: they were worn entirely through, meaning either Moss installed brake pads that last less than 10k miles, or they never actually fixed the brake caliper at all. I called and spoke to their service department, and after 4 tries, reached their manager (Robert Gillam) on the phone, who informed me the "only" thing he could do would be to have me come down - for more time out of my schedule, at my expense - and have them look at the work they did. Why in the world would I want the same mechanic who lied to us and screwed up the work in the first place to do so again??? No, that's not the "only" thing you can do. You can refund the $996 you charged for a 'repair' which repaired nothing. And you can fire mechanics who lie to your customers and misinstall parts.
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We have, like most SoCal families, been contacted by more solar companies than we could name. We actually were very interested, and proceeded up to the point of signing provisional contracts with three separate companies. One, it turned out, didn't show up to even the second meeting, and we canned them. The second was not even as knowledgeable as we were about the rebate process in Riverside county. Sunpro, on the other hand, gave us a price comparable to the others, with better equipment, and followed up promptly with every step of the process. We got constant communication with them about the rebate process, which they calculated correctly to within a single dollar of the final price (about $12k from our pockets, after federal and local rebates). When it turned out the manufacturer's microinverters wouldn't work with out setup, Sunpro replaced them with BETTER equipment, at their own expense. When we had trouble with one of the panels during the first year, they got a tech out who replaced the damaged unit at no cost, within a week. We have been nothing but happy with Sam Strong & his team at Sunpro. Our (apparently very average) home system will have paid for itself within 10 years. We are now considering having Sunpro install on our rental property as well.
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