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Anyone have any luck using this with a apple product? Also the APK doesn't seem to work on fire tv either. Any tips would be appreciated. 
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More concerned on getting the apk to work. Tried it on another device and still no luck.
Well its true.. U asked if anyone had any luck with their products working with this .. I never have cuz they lock them down to much for things like this to work.. 
+Michael Oakley have you tried the apk on anything else? Mine works on different phones and TV... Maybe try to re-download it.. Or i can share the one i hv working.. Although it should be the same.. 
I side loaded it to the fire tv and installed it on another android tv box. No luck on either. It launches and stays on the first screen trying to load. Thanks
One second i will share it.. I got it from here though.. 
The apk I have works on all phones I have had and also on my Minix neo h8
Anyone tried it on a Mibox,? I have one ordered
+CastStreams admin No luck on apple with chrome browser either. I tried side loading google play services on the Fire TV too and it still would not work. Thanks for the info though. Works great on my android phone but it would be awesome to have the app the fire tv.
+CastStreams admin that link will not take my username and pass? can I get the ios app from somewhere else? thx
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