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Shea Clarke-Green
Happiness and Other Urban Legends .....
Happiness and Other Urban Legends .....

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I so love him

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Totally legit....I have gotten checks in the mail from them!!!

R.I.P.  "Rowdy" Roddy Piper 

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My best-friend is fighting cancer, this is her story. If you felt led to donate then please do, but, I would really be grateful if you would share her story.  Thank you.  ~Shea <3 

A Favor /Requests.......
I am writing an article and need some research/interview help.....
If anyone is divorced and is willing to share a brief paragraph with me as to what the "Final Straw" was that made you say "That's it, I'm done..." and walk.  A first name will only be used and will changed if requested in the article I m writing, and you will receive a copy of the article.  
If you are willing to help, please do not respond in this post, please  email me your response to and place 
"Divorce Research Paragraph" in the subject line.  Thank you.  ~Shea 

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I just don't see how this could even be possible....

Every time I come on Google+ I am just dumbfounded by these so-called "Christians" that call out other people for "sins" like attending a music festival, and then attacking them, judging their character and calling them names all in the name of God.....
This is so wrong and horrible.  God is Love not's these people and the so called "Street Preachers"  they blindly follow that cause so many people to run away from God and anything labeled Christian.
It's really sad  to think these people are preventing others from getting saved with their nastiness. 

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