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I have a distinct feeling that I'll be getting crap about the color I've chosen for the master bedroom in my new place. C'est la vie - I like it, and I think it'll look great.

Closing date scheduled, kind of skirting guidelines regarding timing and all. Here goes nothing!

Good news on the house front, though the time frame seems as though its going to be tight. Kind of scary that this might actually happen.

Buying a house, from what I understand, is stressful enough as is when everything goes smoothly. So, when you factor in things that aren't part of the normal process, things get a little crazy.

The shift registers work wonderfully. I've started writing a few functions, and its still surprising me how entertaining 8 randomly flashing LEDs can be. Its going to be fun once I have this setup with more.

Despite the fact that I rarely use eBay any more, it comes in handy when you would rather pay $5.00 for 20x 8-bit shift registers shipped instead of $1.50 each plus shipping.

This IPA is one of the best beers I've brewed. What makes me even happier is that even after this keg is kicked, I have another in reserve. I'll definitely brew it again.

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So, $30 and a few hours later, I now have 6 LEDs bouncing back and forth. Sadly, in my giant box of electronic components, all I could muster that was useful at the moment were LEDs and a few potentiometers to work with the Arduino and my breadboard. Tomorrow, I remedy the situation with a buzzer, some switches/buttons, and maybe a digital readout.
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