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There is no doubt that this holiday season shall reconnect you with your esteemed relatives, friends, and guests. Here is the moment to showcase your unique culinary skills and deploy the full range of your creativity to style up your house.

The only headache that you must contend with is how to protect your floors from the aftermath of the parties. Here are 10 crucial tips to help you through.

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Just a little elbow grease and you could prolong the life of your carpet! Check out these cheap ways to maintain your carpets between professional cleanings. ‪#‎DIY‬

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Your mother-in-law just called--she thought she'd surprise you with an unscheduled visit to catch up. How nice. You accept (as if you could say no), then panic because your house is a mess and you're supremely lazy about cleaning.

But fear not! Just crank up the Beyoncé and try these eight tricks.

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Everyone today wants quality made and maintained carpet, hardwood, or natural stone. If you are trying to sell your house, or plan on doing so in the future, the floors can make or break a sale.

It is costly to repair, and most people do not want to bother with it. I bet you don’t either, so maintain the quality of your floors by avoiding certain mistakes.

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When envisioning orbital floor cleaning machines in action, a large industrial walk-behind unit that polishes the tile hallways and floors of immense office buildings usually comes to mind.

However, there are also smaller units designed to be used inside a home to keep its various floors looking sharp and clean. There is so much versatility to these oscillating tools that isn’t immediately obvious. Not only have these machines reduced the chemical usage in floor cleaning and cut down on hours of physical labor, they are also quite useful on a variety of floor surfaces and their finishing needs.
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With the multitude of vacuums that line the store shelves, it can be difficult and even confusing to figure out which one is right for your short-pile carpet.

To best determine the ideal vacuum, we not only need to consider the amenities of the vacuum itself, but we need to explore the specific care and cleaning required for keeping a low pile carpet in good shape.

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