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Blaine Toney
"Problems? Everyone's got problems, but I've got a ___________________."
"Problems? Everyone's got problems, but I've got a ___________________."

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I'm looking for advice on setting up an MDM server to push apps remotely to our iPads in the field. Can anyone offer assistance? Please and thank you!


And then sometimes...

"There is no future in looking at what others have created and wondering why it wasn't you who created it. Instead, take their idea, add a pinstripe or flames to it, and market it as the next new thing." - Me.

What's with all these people adding me to their circles who I've never heard of before, and who use stars/starlets photos as their avatars? I very highly doubt Tara Reid's real name is 'Minnie Williams', nor that she would ever be sober enough to use G+

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holy balls I want to do this...

The more I think about it, the more I realize I need either: a) A Fender American Standard P-Bass with rosewood fretboard, or b) A Lakland version of a). Someone wanna help me make this happen? Investors?

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Mostly so I remember to go back and remember this stuff...

Do the @SJEarthquakes players have to stop their opponents after a match to tell them about these amazing products...? #MLS

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I am resisting the urge to start naming names of people who could seriously stand to gain from reading this article, but feel free to re-post... +1... whatever the kids are doing these days

There was a moment this morning when I was going to ride to work. This moment was closely followed by a subsequent moment where the preceding moment was recognized for the ridiculousness that it was, and thusly ridiculed out of existence.
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