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Since a fellow Android personality is dropping insider Nexus rumors, but doing them slowly, let's see if we can help by speeding up the process a tad. :)

Here is what we have heard (though the news is at least a month old):

-Last date we were told that Google had penciled in for a Nexus 5, Kit Kat, other Nexus unveiling was October 31. Google rarely hits their dates, so don't get too tied to that date.

-The codename for the Google-made watch is "Gem," first mentioned here:

-There are two other potential Nexus devices in the works under the codenames "Sauron" and "Molly" that could arrive with the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat. I have no idea what they are. Could be a new Nexus 10 or something we haven't even thought of.

-Last, is Google working on Android@Home stuff finally? We have heard of two other potential "Nexus" type devices called "Leep" and "Shining" with TBD arrivals.

That is all. Rumors, just rumors. Things always change with Google and none of this could end up being official.

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I think that's the key factor in whether people voted Kit-Kat or Nexus 5. If you just got a GS4, HTC1, G2, etc and have no plans on getting a new phone, Kit Kat is key. However, if you're like me, and weren't impressed by the Nexus 4, and have been waiting patiently on your disturbingly outdated ...
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+Dan Koabel That's what I thought as soon as I saw it. Maybe an NFC enabled ring for phone unlocking?
+Dan Koabel but Sauron is also the all-seeing eye. Google glass perhaps, or a camera?
Molly... Interesting choice. 
Sauron (all-seeing eye) is a webcam (with the famous red-ring of death as a feature...only it will indicate when the user not the device dies :P)
Sauron: something to do with an eye, no doubt. A webcam doesn't seem very Google-y. A Google-made NFC ring could be something though. 
+Randy Nelson it may not happen with the Nexus 5 but a soon as VoLTE gets turned on, Verizon will have zero control over devices. LTE is just as open as GSM and "unlocked" LTE devices will work with on Verizon just like they do everywhere else. Verizon only has control over their CDMA network which they currently use for voice calls. Next year, their control will be gone.

P.S. Nice troll. You're funny.
Very interesting. I could see myself using an NFC enabled ring if the price was very cheap.
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