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Kathryn Moran
Always looking for new ways to communicate.
Always looking for new ways to communicate.

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Trying to identify this tree

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Social Media and SEO
Interesting article from Orbit Media that tackles digital communications holistically.  It's difficult to have a strong social profile if your blog or website are boring or not user friendly.

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Magnificent photos of Niagara Falls. In case you were wondering just how cold -20F is. #polarvortex 

I'm considering standing up a Google+ page for my brand in the new year. Any best practice suggestions to start out on the right foot?

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Partisan groups and business interests are funding think tanks on both sides of the political spectrum. Can these institutions remain unbiased in their research, or is it time to find another source of funding in order to remain above the political fray?

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Amazing women! They define fabulous.

Been off exploring other worlds, but looking to get reacquainted with google plus. My latest post was the first annual wonky awards, so it seems appropropriate to come back with the second annual wonky awards, particularly in light of the fact that the third annual awards are about 6 weeks off. I wonder what if Mario Draghi, Jeremy Stein and Charles Evans will make the list again this year.
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Planning a trip to Paris in the next few months. Any suggestions as to "don't miss" or great, out of the way restaurants to things to do?

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Good post on handling the google+ before it gets out of hand.
Tame your Google+ circle madness in 3 easy steps

After using Google+ for almost a year internally at Google and almost a week in the “real world”, this is the best way I’ve found to manage my circles.

Step 1: Face reality
Come to grips with the fact that you will never read EVERYTHING on Google+.

Step 2: Make circles for SHARING
Create circles of friends that you share with (e.g. Work, Family, Church). These are the circles you use to control access to the posts you write. People can be in multiple circles. For example, a coworker might also be in your photography club.

Step 3: Make a circle for READING
Decide on a few people you really want to keep up with and add them to a separate *Inbox circle. This circle has a selection of people from Work, Family, and Church. Face it, not everyone at work or in your family is that interesting. If you can’t read everything, you might as well make sure the stuff you do read is interesting. =)

> When you share something, use your “sharing” circles. Did you take a trip with your family? Share the photos with your Family circle.

> When you’re reading your stream, click on your *Inbox circle on the left side of the stream. This will give you a more manageable amount of content than the Stream link, which for many people is already a fire hose of random stuff, most of which might not be that interesting. You may want to make a couple other circles for reading different topics. I have a separate *Inbox: Photographers circle where I read a few popular photo bloggers.

Note that my inbox circles start with * so that they sort to the top of the circles list on the left side of the stream. (Except for the default circles like “Acquaintances” - I just renamed those so they don’t automatically sort to the top).


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Found this blog link on FB. Tried to share here via +1 on the blog page. Kind of ironic...
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