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Anyone able to get Twrp working with 7.1.1 on the Nexus 6p?

Anyone know of a waterproof case for our 6p? And i don't mean pouch...

Any body else not received the new nougat launcher with the ability to swipe to the right to open Google now?

Weren't we suppose to get manual control with the new version? 

Anyone having issues with Google play? Fix does not work...wiping data on Google play and play services and removing account does not work..and yes I rebooted the phone...

Any one with the a6000 camera and are having issues connecting wifi to the app?

Anyone having Buffering issues on YouTube, Instagram not loading content and Chrome having long load time? I'm on the lasted Pure Nexus with Franco and CMTE built. With the Layers I had no issues...

Any one know of layers theme that mimics the android n notification shade?

Any one know how to enable the swipe up from recent to activate split screen?

Is the nexus 9 still a good buy at 300 with 32gb? Thinking bout getting one for miscellaneous things...
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