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has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to look more like
has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to look more like

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Beautiful renaissance-style art! I love this!

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+SUPERMEGAQUEST made a game awhile back and I've just recently downloaded it. I was in the mood for some games, so I went to the Google Play store and it was recommended. Sight unseen, I loaded it up and I love it. I wrote a review, but it was too long to fit in the space provided on the store page. Here it is:


I do not have enough praise for this game! Ancestor breathes fresh and new life into the stagnant Infinite Runner genre. The pace is fast, the action is tense, the art is gorgeous, and - most importantly - the game is smart.

Instead of simply choosing a direction in which to survive like so many others in the genre, Ancestor presents tasks for the player to solve. At first, the tasks are simple target practice against stationary or predictable-path enemies. Then, the puzzles come and players must think quickly to match glyphs on rotating pillars or tap a sequence of numbered blocks on a trap to disable it. New players are quickly how to succeed through fair failures. The puzzles come in higher frequency and complexity as the player progresses.

The speed of the game keeps your heart and brain moving too. There is not much time to clear a hurdle of a task once it is presented. Players need to rotate their brains to handle combinations of puzzles and figure out how to solve new ones or fail in their journeys. This intensity keeps one always looking ahead for the next challenge and their visual cues to anticipate just what to do to proceed.

Visually, the game is stunning. The art is reminiscent of a Superbrothers title with its precise pixel art and smooth animation. The backgrounds' vastness shows a true sense of scale as the multi-layer parallax slowly scrolls in the far distance. The varied environments reveal the love the development team has for the world they created - which feels like it would be right at home in an artbook for the Numenera tabletop roleplaying setting.

There is an air of mystery in the setting. Who is the Ancestor? Is the cloaked figure of the player-character the Ancestor or is it the bit which fires the energy blasts? Why is he (or she or it?) on a journey? It is better these questions are open and the mystery would fall flat if these were revealed plainly.

Ancestor is practically perfect. It is a game done well in form and function and will not disappoint. 

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It's that time of year to reshare my with again. Happy Halloween!
Had this in my album for awhile, but I'll reshare it!
Happy Halloween!

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✒ 🍍 🍎 ✒ 

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These aren't ALL useless. There are some spells in this list that are utility spells designed to answer RPrs that ask how something works via a spellcraft check or the author isn't creative enough to understand how useful Detect Undead or Corpseglow really could be. 
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