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Sarra Robinson
Some people can handle being embarrassed really well. I'm not one of those people.
Some people can handle being embarrassed really well. I'm not one of those people.

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Lots of stuff going around social media about the election in the US - both in support of and in protest against. I've avoided a lot of social media in recent weeks because of the impending doom and the tidal wave of vitriol from people caused by the division of the ideologies espoused by the presidential candidates (and I may keep my social media time limited to just a couple of platforms until the Führer furor dies down).
Tonight, however, I am going to share this picture of my yogurt lid, because it expresses the sentiments of so many people so accurately, and it was amazing that I would get this lid at this time.

And my verbose preamble aside, this is totally appropriate for #wordlessonwednesday 😃

Hey Y'all!

Does anybody remember me? Does anybody still have me in any circles?

Life kind of necessitated a complete withdrawal from social media for a while, and .... wow, the UI of G+ has changed quite a bit since I was last here! 

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I love this guy's channel. :)

It cracks me up that anyone thinks that Batman actually could "vs" Superman.

HE'S SUPERMAN!! He's stronger than earthly substances, and therefore stronger than Batman. Like, cosmically stronger. If Superman wanted Batman dead, he would be. Period.

If we take Batman and Superman for who and what they are, Batman honestly doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell against Superman.

Batman has better villains and toys, though, which is why he's more popular.

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To all the Google people responsible for creating personally generated birthday doodles:

Thank you! :D

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Hey y'all, I'm trying to get this scholarship for school. I'd really appreciate votes for my essay (I win if I get the most votes) and I'd also appreciate reshares here and on any other platforms you have access to.

Help me win $10k! Yay!
Use these hashtags:

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I'm going to go ahead and share this again. Enjoy.

My notification bell is not centered in its circle, and that is a sin.  >:(

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Log this away as an epic #win for IKEA.

+IKEA Nederland​
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