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This is some racist journalist.  The evidence all pointed to Trayvon instigating the attack on Z man.  As a reporter you should know that Trayvon hurt Z man good instead of "hoping". The evidence was presented in several pictures of the injured z man.  To "hope" that an innocent man was "whopped" only serves to show you as the real racist and have no integrity as a human journalist, let alone a human being.  LOL - In the end... Z man whooped the life out of a stupid teenager.

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I agree that the food at Dairy delight is good fast food, but have a real issue with their attitude. The staff was rude to it's customers.  In addition they posted signs by the order window that could only be described as anti-customer.

The first sign essentially gave the customers a lecture that their employees “work for a living” and that tipping was a necessary thing to do.  Personally, I tip for traditional table service and a few other customary things, but don’t typically at fast food places.  It’s one thing to place an optional tip jar where it’s up to your discretion, but chastising customers in advance who don’t tip somewhat offended me.

The second sign only got more offensive.  It was basically a bullet list telling the customers the “rules” and how to behave.  The first bullet said food was made to order “so if you don’t want to wait – LEAVE”.   The second was local checks only.  There were other negative points, which I wouldn’t waste time committing to memory.  They implied that the customer was seldom right and …. LOL – that rudeness would not be tolerated. 
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