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Experience Fusion Food Like No Other
Experience Fusion Food Like No Other


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Who Wants Pizza? 
You can't deny it. Pizza is a favorite among the masses.

How can it not be? Pizzas are convenient. It tastes good and you can put all sorts of topping on it.
So how about it? Do you think you have tried all the possible flavors of pizza?
Before you say yes, you should check out the pizza menu we have over at Boolu Eatery.

We give your pizza a different take. 
Come and invite your friends over at Boolu Eatery.

You can even enjoy your meal with a selection of side dishes and drinks!

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5 Amazing Pizza Facts You Didn't Know
1. October is the National Pizza Month in America. Mark your calendars!
2. Over 3 BILLION Pizzas are sold each year in the U.S. and more than 1 BILLION frozen pizzas! That sure is a LOT of pizza!
3. An estimated 93% of Americans eat a pizza each month. Are you one of them?
4. The most time pizza gets consumed is during the Super Bowl. Do you get pizza during that time too?
5. Get this, women are more likely to order vegetarian pizzas. Luckily we have them at Boolu Eatery!

#Pizza #PizzaFacts #BooluEatery
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Fries, Anyone?
Fries are a classic. They go well with almost everything. 
Although you have to admit that after some time eating plain fries, it can get a little boring.
If you want your fries to have a little more kick, you should try the ones we serve at Boolu Eatery!

#Fries #BooluEatery
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Tired of Eating Regular Burgers? Refresh Your Palate with Our Poncho Villa Burger
We got to tell you, not all burgers are bad and greasy.
Some of them are just delightful with a dash of herbs and spices.
Take the Poncho Villa Burger, for example. 
You probably wouldn't have guessed it comes with avocado!
That's right, AVOCADO.
If that isn't enough to pique your interest, wait till you hear about it being freshly grilled! 
Mmm! Tantalizing!
Can you imagine out the scent of fresh ground beef with cumin sizzling?
If not, then you should come by Boolu Eatery.

#BurgersLikeNoOther #Burgers #BooluEatery
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Are you a proud carnivore? Can't live without a taste of good meat in every meal?

Well then, you're in for a treat at Boolu Eatery. 
You'll get to taste how meat is cooked and served all over the world!
It's nothing like you've ever had before.
Can you imagine having meat with a side of guacamole? Marinated cabbage? Jack cheese? You'll be surprised to find that meat can be cooked in so many different ways you haven't tried before.
Curious now, aren't you?
Book a reservation at Boolu Eatery today!

#MEAT #ProudCarnivore #BooluEatery
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Take a Wild Ride with Your Taste Buds

After a long week, you have to give yourself a treat.
Having a quick vacation seems tempting but not all of us can afford that.
Luckily, there's Boolu Eatery. You can finally experience the world-class cuisine without booking a flight!

#WorldClassCuisine #TasteBuds #BooluEatery
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You Should Eat More Chicken!
For one thing, it's delicious. 
The American Heart Association, Inc. even says it's a lot healthier compared to red meat (pork, beef, or lamb). 
This is because chicken meat is leaner and contains lesser amounts of cholesterol and bad fats.
So, if you want to enjoy more meat without the guilt, then the chicken meat is the best choice for you.
There are many ways to enjoy chicken. 
One of the best choices you can make is to try out the selection of chicken recipes we have at Boolu Eatery!

#Chicken #EatMoreChicken #BooluEatery
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What are tacos? If you seriously haven't tried it even once in your entire life, then you're missing on something great that could change your life forever. (We're not even joking!)
Tacos consist of a tortilla shell and a combination of ground beef, vegetables, cheese, onions, and sauce (but actually, you can add whatever you feel like). There are a lot of tacos available, you just need to pick the right flavor for you.
They're ABSOLUTELY delicious!
Don't believe it? 
Then you should head on to Boolu Eatery for a taste test!

#Tacos #BooluEatery #TasteTest
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Can't Decide What to Eat?

We all have those days when we're craving for a certain taste, yet we don't exactly know what to get.

So what's the solution? Go to a restaurant that offers a variety of food that can serve you flavors from all over the world! Visit Boolu Eatery!

#DecideWhatToEat #ServeYouFlavors #BooluEatery
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Get the Best of the World on Your Plate

#BestOfTheWorld #Plate #BooluEatery
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