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Skype Reflection
1. My group was tasked with writing a six word memoir that was both captivating to a child in the third grade and had punctuation, in the form of an exclamation point. We had hoped that the humour including in our memoir was interesting enough for the child...

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Well, I should've never gotten married. I still can't believe Vicki left me for that "star" husband. I won't ever let that happen again. #lessonlearned mnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmmmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnm...

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Infinite Loop (2.0)
(I really liked the first version of this story and thought it was an interesting concept so I made this. I really enjoyed making it so I hope that for whoever reads this, also enjoys it.) Nelson Horner entered the Mayor’s office. There was a slight
creak a...
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