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cathy STUART
Worked at factories/restaurants/gas stations/party stores
Attended pontiac northern high/kingston high
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when i was able to work, i was a cook/factory worker/cashier
  • factories/restaurants/gas stations/party stores
Basic Information
I am not what they consider to be "Normal", never wanted to conform to "The Normal". I am unique, why do I say that? Because I haven't beenable to find anyone else who thinks like I d the closiest person I know that is close to being like me is my sister....No I don't think that makes me special, better or nothing like that, just unique....I am spiritual, Not as in going to church, I don't go to church, don't need to...I learn throung my spirit, which knows all, all u have to do is listen...I believe in Love, hope and faith...I believe we have the ability to change everything, with thinking differantly about this world and our surroundings. I believe this isn't my first life...I believe i maybe a old soul, that has choose to jump back on the "The Wheel Of Life" to come back to help ppl awaken and to also be around the souls who came back, because I love them dearly. And want to help them on there journey to get back home. Where we all earn to be...I am far from perfect, I don't know everything, never claim to and if I seem to be then please tell me...I love nature and animals and ppl...I have great faith in us to survive whatever may come/cross our paths and that when pushed will make the right choice this time. Miracles unlike ever documented is gonna happen in the time we live now, and I believe a bunch of us choose to come back to assist in the freeing of many from the hellasish evil that binds us here....All it takes his believing it is possible for it to be made real...I have had a rough life, struggled for most all I have, but wouldn't trade the wisdom i have gained from my struggles for all the riches in the world...I feel i am a very deep person, when given the chance, to express it...Not many listen to me, because I speak what they cannot hear yet. I am here to help spread love aroundand awareness, this is what i try to do and ofcoarse i am not perfect at it but i am tring..I have a great sence of compation for ppl, animals and the beauty of our planet and want to help restore it and rid it of its evilness...Forever and Forever...Love is what we need alot of right now....
I was born in Michigan. I went to pontiac northern high and kingston high. I lived in kingston and caro and pontiac.
  • pontiac northern high/kingston high