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Kartikey Shroff
Advocate and Lawyer in India
Advocate and Lawyer in India


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We use to promise frequently to our Friends, Family Members and else at large

And we also retrieve our all kinds of Memories what have happened with us in our past, irrespective of time and place.

But there are certain real truth in both these processes.

Some promises, what we make may be sometimes unspoken and the person who promise only knows

Whereas some memories are also seldom unwritten, but have their places in some remote corners of our minds..

So always find out unspoken promises and retrieve unwritten memories so as to Read in between the lines for touching the hidden feelings & tracing our shallow relationship in and around our circles.

~ Kartikey Shroff (Advocate)

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॥ प्रशांतिनि- लये देवाधिदेवो- स्थिते गति त्वं इदं नित्यं त्वमेकं प्रणामि ॥
~ कार्तिक
Loud Voices of Aarti in Temples, Namaaz in Masjids, Prayers in Churches are heard by the people, not by the God.
The God only hears the Silent Voices that comes from the core of our Heart. The God disregards hollow gestures or loud prayers without heartily yearning.
I bow down only to Thy Lord who lives in their silent prayers.
Kartikey Shroff

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Would it not be a discrimination by conferring different forums in different states for trials of certain same Offences under IPC ??
Why does there exist typical difference in respect of forum for trial of certain offences like those under sections 326, 409, 466, 467, 468, 471, 472, 473, 475, 476, 477 and 477A IPC from State to State ??
Can it be justified in Laws ? Would it not ...

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The Mask of Immunity
Who is entitled to the Mask of Immunity in this world ?

Whether the foxes or the innocent persons ???

The answer if very simply in my views.

The Mask of Immunity must for the Weak and not for the Jackals who are leading and chasing for their own gains.

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Mask of Immunity must be for the Weak and not for the Jackals who are leading and chasing for their gains.
Kartikey Shroff (Advocate) 

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Justice to Meritorious Students asking for Medical Admission by Gujarat High Court
Justice to Meritorious Students by Gujarat High Court :::

In a setback to the state government of Gujarat, The division bench of Gujarat High Court on Monday quashed the new rule introduced earlier this year, giving 100% preference in admissions of medica...

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Landmark Observation of SC on Evidence Value of Radio-logical Examination in determination of Age
In the matters of Ramdeo Chauhan alias Raj Nath v. State of Assam, the Hon'ble Apex Court has made certain landmark observations in respect of evidence value of radi0-logical examination in determination of age of an victim, such that
"The statement of the...

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"When this Court as the protector of the life of the persons under the Constitution has come to take note of a situation where a procedure established by law has not been followed while depriving the life of a person, no technicality shall stand in the way of justice being done. After all, law is for man and law is never helpless and the Court particularly the repository of such high constitutional powers like Supreme Court shall not be rendered powerless." the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India had observed while disposing of Writ Petition (Criminal) : 129 of 2015 in the matters of Yakub Menon Case recently on dt.28th July 2015
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