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Alexander Saunders
This can only go well.
This can only go well.
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My birthday today! I'm so important, Americans light fireworks, shoot guns and generally blow shit up in my honor! Although my timezone is some way ahead of the United States.

Pretty cool being born on the 4th of July!
(Happy Independence day!)

Why on earth does Linux Mint come with three (four if you include banshee) video players by default? 

Note to self: cp and mv aren't the same thing.

Sorry for accidentally destroying you, gnome-settings-daemon.desktop

I've just installed Xubuntu 12.04, and I have to say, it is THE best OS I've ever, EVER used. It looks absolutely amazing, the theme, the icons, the fonts, the panel, the launcher ... and that fabulous wallpaper. All the default apps look and work perfect, especially gmusicbrowser, which I now wish I had discovered earlier. The only apps I've changed are Google Chrome instead of Firefox (bookmark sync etc) and updated GIMP to 2.8. I don't think there's as OS out that works as perfectly as this out-of-the-box...

Thanks +Xubuntu team! Your work is awesome!

Falling in love with #compiz agaain.

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I did this in #MATE for some reason.

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Installed #Cinnamon again, with unity-2d-panel in there too. Combined with maximus, the unity panel and borderless windows are real space saver. Removing the unity indicators was easy thanks to it being stored in a simple dconf setting.

One thing I really, really hate about cinnamon is the music panel applet. Whenever you change the song, the it resizes it's width to fit the next song name better. This is really, REALLY annoying when you're trying to cycle through songs by mashing the 'next' button, because it CONSTANTLY MOVES WITH EVERY CLICK. So you have to find the button again with every click.

Also, there's no integrated messaging either, but that's probably a lot of work, whereas the music applet just needs a little bug fix.
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#xfce 4.10 looks very nice. I'll have to give it a try at some point.

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For those who want a real Frankenstein of a DE here's unity-2d-shell running inside Gnome Shell. Last time I tried this it was as glitched as hell, but now seems fine. Hell, it even feels really smooth and quite responsive. Definitely a viable option if I really wanted a dock/launcher in Gnome shell. The only issue is that Super key is still bound to the overview and the dock items in the overview isn't synced with the launcher items.

Also, while writing this, I found myself trying to autocomplete words with tab. #terminal ftw

#ubuntu 12.04 is excellent. Still some dependency issues trying to get gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme to work, but I normally just hack the default theme to my liking anyway.
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