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George Kao
Spirituality, Service, Sustainability. Right Livelihood, Authentic Marketing, Personal Development, Mindful Activism.
Spirituality, Service, Sustainability. Right Livelihood, Authentic Marketing, Personal Development, Mindful Activism.


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For the next few months, I'm going to experiment with not posting here on Google Plus... it's one less thing to manage :)

How to follow my newest content:

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See you in one or more of those places! ❦
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Here’s a cryptocurrency that I can finally believe in: Eco.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about why I’ve been staying clear of cryptocurrency. My reasons included:

1. Not a viable means of exchange…. not even with the most popular one, Bitcoin, can most people pay for rent, food, or healthcare… the basics of living.

2. Much of the crypto world feels speculation-driven, get-rich-quick greed. I don’t want to be part of that. It largely enriches the few, at expense of the many.

3. Bitcoin is environmentally destructive to mine.

4. All this attention is going towards a money game to try to get rich, rather than using our precious time and efforts to help solve many of the world’s problems.


The new cryptocurrency Eco aims to solve these problems.

What I most appreciate about their aims, design, and values (based on their whitepaper), are the following characteristics:

#crypto #cryptocurrency #fintech #sustainablefinance
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#Marketing is much more effective when you can get SPECIFIC about what you do for your clients, and build trust through content.



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Of all the workshops I teach, this is my favorite:

All of us can benefit from being more productive and joyful while we work. I've spent years developing the systems and skills that I now call Joyful Productivity.

We begin the series on Feb 28! Sign up below.

More info:

◆ How can you keep energized about your vision, motivated and taking consistent actions that are authentic and relevant?

◆ What if you had a system that brings you enjoyment, even as you work on the "hard" parts of manifesting your vision?

Join this online workshop to experience a higher level of effectiveness, clarity, and confidence for staying on top of your work:

In this workshop you'll actually start to practice the skills of joyful productivity, so that you can create better habits going forward.

Topics covered:

◆ How to stay on top of a big list of tasks, and not feel overwhelmed.

◆ How to engage joyfully with tasks that you normally wouldn't enjoy, things ranging from administrative tasks, technology, to writing marketing copy for your business.

◆ Learn the current tools that make work (especially online business) more efficient, so that you can spend less time at the computer.

◆ How to stay joyfully productive and consistent, even when you don't feel like you're getting results.

◆ You'll also learn how I prioritize my work and schedule, and the systems behind my successful business structure.

This online workshop series has 3 parts. The cost is just $45 USD for the whole series, and comes with an electronic copy of my forthcoming book, Joyful Productivity.

Once you sign up, you'll get access to attend in real-time. You'll also get the recordings, whether or not you attend.

Sign up here:
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​Some marketing experts are always trying to get you loads of “traffic”.

By their language you can sense their values. Perhaps without consciously recognizing it, they are seeing people as a means to an end — their own wealth and fame. Let's be careful about absorbing their self-absorbed values.

Let's stop thinking in terms of "traffic" and focus on serving the right "people". The language we use will determine how we relate to our audience.

Read more:
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Be Strict about Showing Up. Be Lenient about the Results.

One of my clients asked me how I can stick to my regimented schedule… and yet remain calm and joyful as I work. Despite a day full of appointments — including my own work — whenever I meet with clients, they don’t feel like I’m in a hurry. I can focus on being my creative self with them.

Every working day, I stick to a schedule, getting a lot done in an easeful manner, without stress or undue strain.

It’s taken a lot of practice to get here. Here’s my philosophy on this:

I’m strict about showing up, lenient about results, and gentle to bring myself back into focus again and again.

This is opposite from what a lot of people do:

Many people are lenient about showing up on time, yet they are too strict with themselves about the results (perfectionism) and whenever they get distracted, they engage in some level of self-blame.

Rea the full post:
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Do you ever feel like you’re bothering people, when you create/share content?

A participant in my Authentic Content Marketing Workshop wrote:

“Consistency of communication is my key reason to be here. To hold myself more accountable to this and get over the problem I have with feeling that I am bothering people by sending them content via email or other means, even if they have signed up for my list!!”

Your audience is part of your audience because they want to hear from you:

Your newsletter subscribers want your newest content
Your Facebook friends are interested in your opinions
Your business followers on social media want to hear about your business

You are not bothering people when you send content that they expect from you, at a frequency they expect.

Especially when you create and share content in these ways:

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How do we overcome discouragement?

In the post below, I share with a 7-step process that helps me recover from setbacks and failures.

#failure #resilience #personaldevelopment
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