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Hey there #Threeforged friends,

I've been working on a "new" version of Aquila (1593) since the first review came out in a new game called Overmind. The reviews gave me a lot of things to think about, about how having a cool setting and not using it made it seems out of place and how having a cool world creation mechanic could not support a boring dice mechanic. I'm probably forgetting a lot of things, but that's what I kept in mind when rewriting it.

So there it is in it's "beta" and pretty much raw version. I think most of the rules are here, but I would like to add a few details about the setting (really few, I like how it is right now) and a character Sheet. I changed a lot of things and tried to focus on one mechanic instead of too much and tried to make sure it had an end as a "political and diplomatic" game.

Also, it needs :
- Playtesting (obviously)
- Less words, more content. Right now, I think I ramble too much on what an Overmind is.
- Better examples?
- Simpler maths?
But more importantly, even if I don't publish it, it need to be fun.

So here is the PDF, read it if you want :)

The game is about egomaniac aliens that rule over an empire on a planet called Earl. Each season they all meet to have a council and debate (or fight) over many matters, trying to gain influence and exchanging resources to gain what they want.

If anyone is interested, I'm currently compiling most of the stage 1 #threeforged   games in one big word document. I'll be posting the link as on comment on this post today or tomorrow.

With the time it take doing the stage 1 games, I'm not sure I'll do the stage 2 Games.

Now that the anonymity of #threeforged has been lifted, I can talk about the three games I worked on! It was my first attempt at game design and all the feedback I can get is appreciated.

First was Untitled 15124 as my first stage game. I tried to create a fun mechanic about the balance of the soul and powers that broke this balance. I loved the mechanic, but I think it was not really that well implemented and the fact that the second designer scraped it and only kept the small paragraph about the setting confirm this. If Larry Spiel even reads this, could you tell me what made you remove the mechanic? I would love to be able to improve it :)

Second stage was 1544 King of Bones. The game I got was about small mini-games revolving around music and hand clapping. Not that it was bad, but I didn't like the game as it was. It seemed much more party orientated than what my definition of a RPG is and I changed a lot of things. I'm really happy with how it turned out and the third designer didn't change that much.

Finally, I finished 1593 Aquila. I receive what can be only described as a board game. I don't know if that was the intent, but the game talked about token, wooden cubes, a map and so on. I'm not a board game designer so I kept the name, some of the ideas behind it and I made a civ-like game. I tried to do too much with not enough space and time. Reading it again after I submitted it, it looks more like a mess of mechanics not that well thought up. I also wanted to create some kind of reverse colonialism where the new world went to the old world to colonize it with adventures on a big and uncrated continent with magic and monsters. Something like if colonial Europeans ended up in middle earth. I love the setting, I will surely rework it and try to use it in a future game, who knows. I wonder how the first stage looked like.

To all the other designers who worked with me, what do you think of what I did with your games?

Hey there fellow #threeforged designers, as I am reworking one of my game for fun while waiting for the anonymity to be lifted and get feedback from the other two designers, I wondered about something and though that I might try to create a discussion here.

Which game would you like to give feedback to or even maybe help with its rework once the designers have been known? I'm thinking here about games that had potential, but didn't quite make it in the end. Maybe even the not so good ones that had nice ideas buried inside it?

Personally, I would really like to see Bad Pulling Game get fleshed out, I think it had potential, but clearly need some playtesting and maybe a bit of rewriting. The example of play clearly showed the intent of the game to allow any kind of player to be useful, but the mechanics kinda forgot that at some point.

What about you?

After a good night of sleep and some thinking, I came to the conclusion that my small paragraph about the #Threeforged game Apprentice, Wizard, Familiar was not enough. And since I haven't seen any full review for that game, I decided to make one.

So, before I start, I must say that I'm not a really good reviewer, I have a hard time being neutral. Second, this clearly is a game for parents and children... But is it a bad thing? I don't think so, I'll gladly play this with my children to show them my hobby... When I'll have children of course.

So here is the review for 15143 Apprentice, Wizard, Familiar

Apprentice, Wizard, Familiar is a game about a kid living a normal life in a normal town going to a normal school. Actually, this is your town and your school. This kid could even be in your class! However, he has a big secret. He's an apprentice wizard and, going against his master's orders, he summoned a familiar!

In this game, your whole group gets to plays this kid. You create the apprentice, his teacher and a bunch of familiars to summon (Though you only create one at the beginning). You can also create his familly and friend throughout the game. The group plays one character and roll in turn, but they also get to choose familiar to play when summoned.

The first element of the system is the X-card. Basically, when you don't want a subject to be talked about or if it is getting off track, touch the card and it's removed form the role-play. Simple way to control the game and evade touchy subjects (especially for kids).

The second mechanics is the roll mechanic. You have to roll under your skill (You start with a skill of 2 max) or one to succeed... Sooo... 1 and 2 on a d6? That's low. To boost your chances, you have to work hard or ask for help. For example, if you wanted to pass a big test, you could study for two hours and ask a teacher for help for another hour, you would gain a +3. So you now only need to roll 5 and under. I like this, it creates a interesting simulation of a kid's life and ask you to make choices, you can't prepare for anything and you can't get help for everyone.

You can also summon a familiar (But you must keep it hidden, no one must know!) and get his skills as an help. But familiar are creatures with needs and it can turn ugly. Worse, you know how to summon the familiar, but not how to get rid of it. It can get bad. Fortunately, you can learn that spell.

Magic is simple, it's like a test. You study, roll for it and get the components if needed (Via roleplay of course!). Bigger spells also need you to focus on normal studies and please your master.

This clearly looks like a game that allow you to be the kid that turned 11 and learned about Harry Potter at your school and this is perfect! Kids interested in Harry Potter would have a lot of fun in this game, a perfect way to share RPG around!

Simple, fun, well written. What can you ask more?

My #threeforged games are currently in a low download count and no review state.

You're keeping the best for last aren't you?

On another note, most on the red download count are games that seemed interesting to me from the title alone. I'm eager to see what those lesser known games have to say!

I'll review some of the #threeforged games I'm reading for those interested in my thoughts. I'll stay mostly positive and maybe skip the few games I won't have anything to say about. I'll keep the review short and try to check the games that have a low download count first :P

So here are my first reviews:

1549 - 10 Million AD. Not too much to say about this one, it's a powered by apocalypse game with an interesting setting. I fell that taking a known system and rewriting it for your setting kinda break the goal of the contest, but otherwise the flavor is cool and it gave me campaign ideas, which is great.

15145 - 20.6 Miles. A GMless game about english and french spies in the Napoleonic era. It uses points to resolve conflict and a coin in case of a tie. The game seems fun, really easy to teach and fast to play. You basically create "piles" of points with your attributes and the players you compelled to help you with dept created at the start of the game. The way it handles players interaction is pretty interesting and a lot of backstabbing could come out of every scene, I love it. A good game to check out if you haven't already.

1564 - A Hard Goodbye. A collaborative "generic" crime drama game in three acts. There is some good ideas here, it is a really focused game about personal conflict and dealing with a criminal organization. The system starts off simple, but then the rolling mechanics is explained too loosely and I had a hard time figuring out the concepts, which is a shame. The game wants you to ask question about yourself and the organization you work for and that's great. I would gladly play this kind of game with friends at a bar.

I've read both my Stage 1 and 2 #threeforged games already. I'm really happy to see that both made it to the end!

Stage 1 is really disappointing, the game was completely reworked and only the flavour was kept. I though my mechanics were pretty good, but I won't talk about it more before the anonymity is lifted.

Stage 2 is much more satisfying. I feared that the game I submitted for Stage 2 was a little too complete, but the Stage 3 designer managed to add some twists and content I didn't thought of!

In any case, this whole challenge was a really good experience and I'm worried I might be unable to control myself and read all 102 of them!

After working for two hours on a small image to add color to my #threeforged game, I finally finished and submitted it!

I must say that Stage 3 was considerably harder than the previous stages, I knew I had to submit a complete product, something that could be played. I personally wanted to submit something that I would not be ashamed to give out to people and ask them to play. Going from a framework of a game for someone to work on to a real, complete and readable game, it's a big jump.

In the end, I pretty proud of what I managed to create. It's far from the stage submission I had initially (Completely different genre) and I fear it won't be to the level of some of the submission I followed here on G+, but still, I am very happy with it.

I wish to all #threeforged participants the best of luck during the voting stage and I already know I will use my Monday holiday to read dozens of wonderful games created here!

I'm pretty happy with the game I received for stage three of #threeforged challenge.

Though my stage 2 developer clearly didn't understand the idea of roleplaying (Same for my Stage 1 game, I have a really bad luck) or game writing, there are enough ideas in this one to create something amazing! I would never have though of writing a game about this.

I can't wait to see what happened to my stage 1 and 2 submissions.
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