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When you hear about lust, you think automatically about sex,
right? It’s said that a guy thinks of sex every four seconds. I can’t tell you
if that is completely true. I do think of other thinks as well, but sure enough
I do think about sex, and a lot of it...

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Word Vomit! (Update on Moving on)
Ever had those times that when your talking to someone that things you wanted tell that person, but never had the chance to. When you actually do, it comes out all at once! You forget what you say, how you said it and their response? Yup that happened to me...

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Throwing out?!?!
Hello everyone, Thought I'd give a new update on my 'moving on' post. My life is actually quite boring lol.  My parents got a house in town, which It as a legal basement suit. They asked me if I wanted to move in. To which I did. I love my brother, sister i...

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Moving On!
This is one of the hardest things that I've been through. For those who don't know my life. It's been quite a roller coaster! For those who do, Just sit tight as I share a bit of the background where I am coming from. My life has been filled with moving fro...

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My plants are being plant sitted by a friend and I went a visited my babies and my pepper plants have peppers. Wondering when cubanelle date ready to eat? 

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My sister inlaw and I did a DIY greenhouse thing for her balcony. Cost $20 and 20 minutes to do.

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I started writing again! I took my book and started to fix it up. I'm working on a different way on processing what I want. ie creating a wiki for myself to reflect as I am writing. My drawing skills are terrible. So I maybe looking for someone to draw some things for me.... anybody interested?

Here is a short paragraph:
The hounds started to get closer. When a white horse with a man came out of the woods, he was in full armor, with a raven engraved into it. “Get them!” Kyra drew out her sword, as three of the man got off their horses and started to come towards us. I grabbed my bullock out of its sheath and raised it. Kyra and I side by side, focused on the three men that was prepared to grab us. They slowly came up to us, one step at a time. One looked at my dagger and started to laugh.

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I did a Facebook live. Decided to put it on YouTube. What do you guys think?

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