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Chad LaFarge
Hangout On Air Producer, Programmer, Realtor®
Hangout On Air Producer, Programmer, Realtor®

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Ohio Association for Gifted Children is LIVE
Watch Ohio Association for Gifted Children on YouTube Live NOW!
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This event uses to XSplit to YouTube Live. I'm switching media, Lower Thirds, etc.

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Conversations with Camden Military Academy is LIVE
Summer School at CMA starts now!.
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Journalism 360 Challenge Q&A: Asia-Pacific Region, LIVE
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Journalism 360 Challenge Information Session, LIVE
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Tonight's Live Stream Begins NOW
Once again, using Zoom to XSplit to YouTube Live. I'm planning to use Audio Levels to switch again but will test for the "Missing Participant" issue in Tech Check... Zoom's been very cooperative in at least discussing the issue.

I'll post here with updates after the event, as usual. Please feel free to share your thoughts here, vs. in comments, as we're watching for related questions on YouTube and I don't want technical points to muddy the waters there.

Wish me luck!

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Learn about NMMI ROTC Early Commissioning Program
Watch New Mexico Military Institute on YouTube Live NOW!
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Here's the recap of this Zoom -> XSplit -> YTL event

This time I used audio levels to trigger switching, as we continue to suffer the "Missing Participant" issue.

Refresher: If you have more than 4 (certainly if you have 7) Zoom participants, and manually switch between them, after 3 or 4 back-and-forths, there will be ONE participant that goes missing from the filmstrip. You must Page Up, Page Down, Page Up, Page Down, to get the list to refresh and display the missing person. This is not ideal when switching to a speaker with about 3/4 second notice ;).

One participant messed with his mic cable, causing some bad audio at a few points, and switching video to him twice for a moment, but aside from that, it went very smoothly. There were times when I thought the audio would certainly follow him but it didn't. Whew!

The connection on-site is far less than ideal. You can see the dramatic difference between the quality of the Lower Thirds and the video behind them. I believe they are sharing about 2Mbps Up. My encoder was on a connection with about 40Mbps Up.

I can't say how great this is: As the streamer, I can talk directly into the Zoom conference and they can hear me, but in XSplit I mute my mic, so YouTube does not hear me. It's a built-in IFB. As long as no-one has their playback on speakers, I'm a ghost whispering in their ear. It's SO much nicer than visually cueing, as many speakers just don't see or register a graphic change as well as they do hearing "[moderator] is live". You do have to prep your participants so that they don't react or respond to your voice. In our case, the one participant who I would have "whispered" to is the one who was pulled in at the last minute and didn't have a chance to Tech Check with the rest.

Live Streaming Curriculum
In a bit of personal news, last week I was elected to my local Columbia Access TV Board of Directors... a development that positions me to add to the services that CAT offers. I'd love to introduce Live Streaming Training, which will require me to develop a curriculum. The current course offerings are Studio, Field Kit and Post Production with Final Cut.

What, in your opinion, is an important topic to address? I do, of course, have my own thoughts, but I want to weight my topics against yours in the hopes of creating a very useful curriculum, which I, naturally, will post here, as well.

Also, has anyone else here found themselves in such a role, and if so, do you have any advice to maximize my impact?

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Always interesting and educational... can't wait to learn something new here...
Hangout with VR Creators
Join immersive Journalists from around the world as they share "Lessons Learned in 360" . Watch live or later here: 
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