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Glenn Stok
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Does Hillary Clinton really think that Americans are stupid? Everyone deducts their losses from their taxable income. Donald Trump is no different. +Fox News +CNNMoney

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Some little-known facts that I discovered about music from the 60s.
#60s #music #MyGeneration

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Glenn Stok

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I'm experimenting with the new #FlipBoard social media site today. Just set up three magazines. What do you think?

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I've been updating my author indexing site. Here’s a compilation of my articles about #BusinessManagement and #employment issues:

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With all the useful connections available in Google Plus, I just had to do a major update to this hub. It's useful for authors to promote their content. 
Since I started using Google Plus, a social network similar to Facebook, I discovered a new way to promote my writing and other business ventures.

Glenn Stok

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I'm now offering my book free from May 1 to May 5 for Kindle.  

"What Was I Thinking? A Review Of Relationships" 

Inspiration for those who want to marry and get past commitment issues. 

I would be glad to know what you think.  Feel free to write a review on Amazon.

#selfhelpbooks   #relationships   #relationshipadvice   #commitment   #marriage   #indieauthor   #kindlefree   #kindlefreebooks   #ebookdeal  
Retired Business Manager & Published Writer
For over 30 years I specialized in the design and sales of automated phone systems for small businesses. Prior to starting my own business, I managed computer systems development in two nationwide companies.  

My writing background includes writing technical manuals and user guides for my business products. I also write articles online in multiple areas of interest. 

What I Write About 

I have a lot of interests and I share my knowledge and experience writing articles on: 

  • Creative Writing Tutorials   
  • Friendships & Relationships  
  • Health & Wellness  
  • Personal Development   
  • Science & Technology 
  • Business and Employment
  • Finance and Investing
  • Computers and Technology
  • Spiritual Philosophy
  • Internet and Social Networking
I had also published a book on relationships available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. See the "Links Section" below for sites where I contribute.

Bragging rights
I had an interesting start in the developing home computer arena. I built a home computer in 1976, and had written many software utilities, four years before IBM developed the PC. I received royalties for including my backup and restore utility in Concurrent PC-DOS under license. Additional software applications that I wrote were licensed to other manufacturers of PC clone computers in the early 1980s.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
    Master's Degree in Computer Science, 1973 - 1974
  • Richmond College
    Bachelor's Degree in Compuer Science, 1970 - 1973
Founder / Manager of Stok Software, Inc.
Business Management; Computer Systems Analyst; Creative Problem Solving; Detail Oriented; Expertise as Technical Writer; Management and Organization skills; Public Writing.
  • Stok Software, Inc.
    Founder / Manager, 1982 - 2016
  • Merrill Lynch Corporate Headquarters
    Computer Systems Analyst, 1978 - 1981
  • Sears Roebuck Corporate Office
    Computer Systems Analyst, 1974 - 1978
  • HubPages
    Writer/Author, 2009 - present
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