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Glenn Stok
Retired Business Manager & Published Writer
Retired Business Manager & Published Writer


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I was at the Long Island Aquarium and made this video from pictures I took. Used iMovie app to create and edit.

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One of my articles was recently plagiarized 15 times. Most hosting services took down the copies when I notified them, but I had sent Google a DMCA notice for the remaining six.

I just received six requests from Google to prove I am the copyright owner of my article – one for each occurrence that I reported.

In addition to other proof that I gave Google in a reply, this post will also serve as an additional proof since I am the only one who can post to my Google+ page.

Some plagiarized copies that I found contain AdSense ads. It's against AdSense policy to use AdSense on plagiarized content. Anyone who thinks they can make money stealing articles from the Internet simply end up being banned from AdSense.

Google is diligent with making sure DMCA notices have been received from the actual author and copyright owner. For that reason, I appreciate the requests I received from Google to prove I am me.

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I'm experimenting with the new #FlipBoard social media site today. Just set up three magazines. What do you think?

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I've been updating my author indexing site. Here’s a compilation of my articles about #BusinessManagement and #employment issues:

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I'm now offering my book free from May 1 to May 5 for Kindle.  

"What Was I Thinking? A Review Of Relationships" 

Inspiration for those who want to marry and get past commitment issues. 

I would be glad to know what you think.  Feel free to write a review on Amazon.

#selfhelpbooks   #relationships   #relationshipadvice   #commitment   #marriage   #indieauthor   #kindlefree   #kindlefreebooks   #ebookdeal  
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