Thought I'd share my first test using FastLed and say a massive thankyou to the devs, it really makes working with LEDs so easy.

I got some LEDs from China as a small test order but they turned out to be only controllable in sets of 3. They do the job for now though.

My next project is to cover the whole ceiling in a matrix of lights, I ordered 13 5m strips of them from Amazon and am about to start putting them on the ceiling. I've had a play with an Arduino Mega and a few strips wired together but you can see the slowdown in times to write out data, does anyone who's done something like this before have any feedback on if one Arduino will be able to deal with this many fast enough or I should split the ceiling into areas controlled by several Arduinos?
I've got several PC power supplies that I'll be using to supply groups of strips.

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