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Distinct Painting Co. is a full-service, customer service-oriented painting company serving the Northern Colorado areas of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. Winter is our season for interior painting.  It’s generally too cold to paint outdoors and with the heat on in the house, drying times make interior painting the thing to do in the winter months. We like to keep our eye out for current trends to help our customers chose something they’ll really like for years to come. 

Statement Wall
One trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down is a statement wall, or accent wall. 
There is a subtle difference between these two things. 
Accent Wall 
An accent wall is usually one wall of a room that is painted a color that is bold and sets off the other walls with its dramatic color. An example of this would be a sage green room with a staircase wall that is painted terracotta red. 
Statement Wall 
A statement wall is usually a wall that is similarly dramatic, but the difference is that there is an added layer (literally) of creativity on top of the color. Imagine silver foil designs, or a mural painted by a talented artist, or even a large artwork hung on the wall that dominates the space. 
It’s not hard to combine these idea by having a one wall painted a bold color and decorated with say, a collection of art in a theme, or objects such as musical instruments, plates, or a funky bookshelf where the books themselves are the art. 
We are always happy to make your vision a reality. Call 970.690.9059 today for a free bid. 
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Trends in Interior Paint Color

Distinct Painting Co. is a painting contractor company that was founded in 2007 to pursue the goals of offering the highest-quality interior and exterior painting (as well as new construction and wood finishing) while upholding the values of integrity and craftsmanship. We offer 100# customer service guarantee and all work come with an 8 year quality warranty. 
We know that deciding to have the interior of your home repainted is a significant investment in both your property and the quality of life you enjoy in your home. 

Color Choice
Because it’s an investment we know you want to get it right when it comes to picking a color. 
Interior color trends tend toward capturing a moment in design and culture, so when you choose a color, you’ll want to choose something contemporary as well as one you’ll be comfortable with for years. 
We can help you find that middle ground. 

Current Trends in Interior Color
Pantone is pretty much the Merriam -Webster of the color pallette and for the year 2015. They’ve declared that the color ‘Marsala’ is the color of the year. This earthy wine tone can make a gorgeous accent wall color or accent color in smaller rooms. 
Other sources cite blushes and berries as being the colors to choose to have your home look warm and classic. Champagne colors work well with architectural details and are a neutral that can work with almost any other color. 
Sky blue and green are also cited as a great color to use now. 
Green is a vibrant natural neutral that works well with many other colors. 
A silvery green blends the natural world outside with your interior, making your space seem to extend outward ala Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Our warranty
Our warranty covers the quality of our work. 
It covers bubbles, flakes, and peeling.
It also covers caulking done by us. 
Touch-up quality is also covered.

We know that deciding to have the interior of your home repainted is a significant investment in both your property and the quality of life you enjoy in your home. And we stand ready to help you with our high quality and courteous service. Call 970.690.9059 today! 
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With cold weather on the way, painting jobs are shifting to inside jobs. Besides having your rooms painted and sprucing up the walls and trim of your room, you might consider repainting your kitchen cupboards. Painting your cupboards is a great way to give your kitchen a makeover without having to take out a home loan for a total renovation. Here are some tips for choosing a color that works in your kitchen.

Take into account the other colors in the room. What color are the appliances? The floor? The walls?  If you are dealing with neutrals such as beige or white, you can consider having the cupboards painted in a playful accent color. 
You want your cupboards to stand out from the walls, so pick a color that contrasts without clashing. 
Yellow is a cheery color that is popular for kitchens and goes well with a lot of other colors. 
Sky blue is trendy and looks great with steel appliances and light walls. 
If you are looking for something dramatic you can go with black and bold red. 
Don’t be afraid to mix colors on your cupboards. If you paint some terracotta and some sage green, with a neutral wall, it can look stunning. Lemon and lime colors look fabulous with a splash of curry red to add drama. 
If you need help picking a color, the experts at Distinct Painting Co. can help.
We service the Loveland, Fort Collins, and Windsor areas. 
We offer a warranty on most work. Be sure to ask about our warranty. 

Call 970.690.9059 today for a free estimate. 
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Tips to Get Your House Ready for Holiday entertaining

Distinct Painting Company is a painting contracting company in Northern Colorado. We work in the Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor area. If you have any interior or exterior house painting needed in these areas, don’t hesitate to call us.We all know the pressure that comes with holiday entertaining. Maybe you have a mother-in-law who will never find your house clean enough, or that cherished friend nonetheless openly pities your inability to manifest a Martha Stewart level of perfection in all things. Let this year be different. This year, have your home a gorgeous showcase, but not for them, do it for yourself! 
We are in houses a lot, all year round and have put together a list of things we’ve seen people do to get ready for holiday entertaining season. This is a two part post, so be sure to check back next week to see the entire list of ideas! 

Maid Service
There is no shame in having some help. Life is busy and it’s hard to find time for a deep clean on top of laundry cooking and chauffeuring the kids to soccer and ballet class. 
A few weeks before your guests arrive, hire a team of maids to come in and deep clean everything: have them clean fans and fanlights, clean behind the washer dryer, on top of the cupboards and scrub all the floorboard and woodwork. If you are having overnight guests, get the guest room ready.
A few days before guests come, have the maids come back and make everything spic and span. Have them get the kitchen photo shoot ready, then eat easy meals off of paper plates so as to not get the kitchen dirty again. You can use the dishes time to instead make the beds and vacuum again. 

Call us at (970) 690-9059 for any of your interior or exterior painting needs. 
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Interior Painting with the Best Customer Service

Distinct Painting operates in the Fort Collins, Loveland area of Northern Colorado. We offer interior painting, exterior painting, wood staining, and work on existing homes as well as new construction/restoration projects.  
We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of customer service in all areas of our work. 

Work is Guaranteed 
We offer an 8 year warranty on your painting jobs. 
Our warranty covers bubbles, flaking, and peeling. 
If any caulking comes loose, you are covered. 
Touch ups that are noticeable will be redone until you can’t see them. 
Evidence of natural wear such as exterior fading is not covered. 
We don’t cover damage done by hail or other natural elements. 
We know that having workman in your home can be disruptive so we work to minimize the bother and the mess. We treat your home with respect. 
We operate under the principles of professionalism, cleanliness, and respect. 
Quality work
Our line of work requires a great deal of attention to detail and we pride ourselves on this aspect of the job and take pride in and job well done - down to the details. 
Our attention to details starts with the prep work. We know a paint job is only as good as the preparation. From the first step to the last, we are detail oriented and work hard to get the job right. 
Commitment to Environmental Responsibility 
Whenever there is the potential to dispose of leftover pain or other potential hazardous materials, we take the time to dispose of it properly. 
Call today or get a free bid here. 

Distinct Painting operates in the Fort Collins, Loveland area of Northern Colorado. 

We offer interior painting, exterior painting, wood staining We work on existing homes & new construction. Call today for the best customer service around.
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Are you thinking about painting the exterior of your home? As a Loveland painting company that focuses on both interior and exterior painting, we've seen some wrong paint color and obvious mistakes made by those who have tried to tackle the big project of trying to paint the exterior of their home themselves. 

If you're planning on painting the exterior of your home, don't make these big mistakes!

- Don't use a color that's too light. Why? Because sunlight can make a paint color appear much lighter than it really is. Consider how your paint color will look in light during different times of the day, too. 

- Don't use too many colors, either! Any more than 3 or 4 colors on the outside of your home is simply too many. As a general rule of thumb, the roof, gutter and fascia should be the same color. Down pipes should never be in a highlight color. Complement your house color tone with existing external materials like the roof, porch tiles, window awnings, pathways and fencing.

- Don't ignore the architectural style of your house.  Whether your home is Federation, contemporary or California bungalow, there is a palette of paint colors that will best match its architectural style. Educate yourself on what will work best for your home by talking to a professional.

- Don't ignore the surroundings of your home. Use your garden, fencing and streetscape as inspiration for your color palette. 

- Do not skimp on paint quality or application! A good paint job is not just about aesthetics, it’s about protecting your home from wear and tear.
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Distinct Painting Company was built on integrity and driven to not only succeed but rather re-define the custom painting experience. As a Loveland painting company, we provide high-quality interior and exterior painting, as well as wood finishing that demonstrates our devotion to craftsmanship. Today we're going to talk about some of the biggest mistakes people make when painting a room. Avoid these mistakes entirely by hiring a professional painting company like us!

- Underestimating the complexity of the job. Saying, "it's just paint! how hard can it be?" is one of the first mistakes everyone makes. A good rule of thumb is that if there's an entire industry built around a product like pain, there's a little more to it than what you may think. Do your homework and get advice with professionals at the local paint store if you're set on doing it yourself. 

- Thinking it's only going to take a day or two. This is another big mistake we see people making: underestimating the time it's going to take them to do the job correctly. There's a lot of pre and post work that goes into painting a room outside of the actual painting. 

- Don't choose the wrong color! Painting your options on the wall is the worst way to select a color for the room. It’s important to move the samples to every wall during different times of the day in order to get an idea of how natural light affects the color. One great way to avoid this is to always get two samples of the same color so that you can place them in different areas of the room. 
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In our last Google+ post, we started discussing some of the more common color myths we hear as a Loveland painting company. While there's some truth behind certain misconceptions and myths, this isn't always true. Today we're going to discuss a few more common myths and misconceptions we hear when it comes to interior and exterior paint color. 

- Only beige, cream, and gray can be in a neutral palette. This is absolutely not true! Colors that are prevalent in nature can also be considered neutral, like blues and greens. If they're softer and gray-ed out versions, they can easily become neutral. We have all seen colors that while considered to be neutral lean to a green or blue hue.

- The color red can make you hungry. While it is a commonly held belief that red can trigger the release of chemicals in your brain that makes you hungry, it doesn't have to only be a color you use in your kitchen. Red can also be used to warm up a room or make a statement. Not too convinced? Try adding small accents of red first like pillows or lamps. 

- Don't paint your rooms white because it's boring. Actually, white rooms are anything but boring. It all depends on what else is in the room, honestly. You can create contrast with layers of texture, a few dark or bright elements, or varied white tones. White is the most versatile 

- You have to paint all of your rooms the same color so that it all feels consistent. Room can actually be tied together with a common trim paint rather than painting all rooms the same color. 
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Whether your friend is trying to convince you that a painting your kitchen red will increase your appetite or your mother in law is convinced that painting your bedroom blue will help you sleep better, everyone out there has their own opinions when it comes to design and no one is shy about sharing. As a Loveland Painting Company, we hear a lot of common misconceptions about color and we're hear to shed some light on those today.

-Blue is a soothing color. The truth is that it depends on the shade of blue. There are obviously shocking shades of blue that would not be very soothing. However, Robin's egg blue, pale turquoise shades, and deep indigo colors will mellow out a room and are ideal if you're trying to create a relaxed mood.

-You should avoid specific, taboo color combinations like pink and orange. This is simply a dated idea. There are plenty of color combinations that were once taboo but can actually be fun. If you're looking to add an element of energy and visual tension, combine colors that don't blend seamlessly - even if you're only adding pops of color here and there in an otherwise neutral room.

-If you paint your ceiling a darker color, it will make the ceiling appear lower. In actuality, if you take the right approach you can actually make your ceiling seem taller.

-Don't paint your walls dark because it will make your room feel smaller. This isn't always true, either! If the room you're painting gets plenty of natural light and the trim is in high contrast with the dark wall color you're considering, your room will not feel smaller.
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