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You can consider this blog my personal library, for anything that I find interesting, handy or just catchy!
You can consider this blog my personal library, for anything that I find interesting, handy or just catchy!

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A smart vertical navigation, with round indicators that turn into labelled icons when the user interacts with them.

#css   #navigation   #transition   #animation  

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If you are not using Gulp or any task runner, believe me when I say that you are missing out on all the front-end fun stuff.

#gulp   #javascript   #tasks   #wordpress  

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Bourbon Neat keeps your markup clean, preventing you from muddying it up with grid, column and row classes. Instead, it leverages mixins, and by applying its various mixins to your existing markup...

#frameworks   #sass   #responsive   #layout   #bourbon  

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In this article, I'll cover creative ways of using sibling selectors and pseudo elements to make a CSS-only menu indicator that would normally be achieved using JavaScript.

#navigation   #css   #sass   #selectors  

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A collection of fancy text effects, to animate the tagline and action buttons of your website intro section.

#css   #animations   #effects  

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This blog post examines three ways of executing function sequentially: Synchronously, Asynchronously, via Promises, Asynchronously, via the library co.

#javascript   #functions   #async  

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Lately I’ve spent more time than usual using the Chrome Developer Tools. Along the way I found a couple of nice features that I had previously missed (or at least hadn’t needed enough to look for; e.g. blackboxing and asynchronous stacktraces).

#chrome   #devtools  

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Assuming you're not a robot, and you might have written a bug or two in your time, the truth is: there is no silver bullet.

#debugging   #guide   #videos  

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It got to a point where I was telling an intern at my company that developers think in rectangles. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with rectangular layouts. They’re like your mom’s Volvo, steady and reliable.

#sass   #css   #layout  

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Writing asynchronous code is hard. When it comes to JavaScript we rely heavily on callback functions to accomplish asynchronous tasks which can be unintuitive.

#javascript   #asynchronous   #promises  
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