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Anchor Investigations, Fort Lauderdale Private Investigations

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Florida, Private Investigators.
Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton.
Discreet, Covert, Confidential Investigations!

Infidelity, Divorce Investigators.
Documenting The Activities Of An Unfaithful Spouse Or Partner.
Private Investigators, Getting The Proof You Need.

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Is Your Cellphone Hacked.
Is Someone Listening To Your Personal Conversations.
Information To Check If You Have A Hacked Cellphone.

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Recent Training and Education of our Senior Investigator  International  Training
Most Recent Education

International Gemmological Institute (IGI) Antwerpen, Belgium
    Course: rough diamond, 2013 - present
    Rough Diamond Evaluation, Diamond Grading, Sorting and Polishing.
Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College, Johannesburg, South Africa
Degree: cutting and polishing, Course: polished diamond, Course: rough diamond, 2013 - present
Rough Diamond Evaluation, Diamond Grading, sorting and Polishing. Elements include to grade diamonds, polish diamonds, and evaluate diamonds more consistently, accurately using the very latest in gemmological methods
Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) Antwerpen, Belgium
    Advance Course: Advance Grading Standards, 2013 - 2013
    Advanced Diamond Grading Standards- Grading Consensus Methods - Gemmology (Gemmology II and Gem Identification I), Diamonds, Jewellery, History and Design and Pearls

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If You Need To Hire The Services of a Private Investigator.

TIPS Hiring a Florida Private Investigator Detective.

Our Licensed Florida private investigators and certified fraud examiners are available for infidelity surveillance and child custody casework.

We work throughout the State of Florida and are available for nationwide cases. We have detectives in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Orlando, and Naples Fla.

Please Read Our Suggestions.

Rule 1.
Always verify that the investigator(s) are licensed. The Division of Licensing in the state in which the investigation agency operates will confirm this information. Have the detective give you the agency number.

Rule 2.
Always request an agency contract. This contract is confidential. Identify the financial costs that you are willing to pay. List all the specific or general work the investigators are required to complete.

Rule 3.
In writing, clearly state your objectives and the possible evidence that you require. Clients should indicate a start "date & time" of the investigation. The investigator will most likely require the location of the suspect.

Rule 4.
If you're hiring an investigator for surveillance insist that the detective video a local landmark for approx. five (5) seconds each hour. This will confirm that the investigator(s) were on-site during the specified times - dates and locations. Have the detective produce a sales receipt from a purchase from a local store to verify his/her start-end times and their physical location.

Rule 5.
Upon request and during the investigation a detective can/may provide an oral report by telephone or email. This agency "must" provide you with a written report, all video evidence and cost receipts. If you require a written report you may be charged for the administrative time. Always inform the investigator of a secure mailing address to send this information.

Rule 6.
Always insist on CONFIDENTIALITY in regards to your identity. It is against the law for any investigator to release, sell or distribute this information to an unauthorized third party.

Rule 7.
When you sign an "agency contract" you are required to pay the investigation fees. Inquire if their may be addition fees to include, travel, parking or event cost.

Rule 8.
Reliable agencies will never guarantee you results. Most domestic investigations will require 2--4 days of surveillance to document the activities of a suspect.

Rule 9.
Most investigation agencies cannot give-out company references due to their clients' confidentiality agreements. A client must authorize an agency to utilize his/her name for a recommendation. Do not be fooled in believing if someone tries to utilize a corporate name or profession person for a reference. Please check this reference before the start of your investigation.

Rule 10.
If during your investigation you may need pictures or video of certain suspect within a building you may need to ask the investigation agency what types of surveillance equipment they have available. Equipment to take these photographs. i.e. hidden cameras, pinhole cameras that will contain a date /time stamp.

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Florida Thefts - Business Fraud - Employee Fraud

Palm Beach, Miami Business Fraud.  Boca Raton Competitive Intelligence,  Monitoring of a individuals, groups or the activities of a competitor. The sole purpose of this type of investigation is to gather "real data" to assist in the decision making process by your directors.  As Florida investigators we can determining if  your competitor has their paid employees stealing information or money within your business.

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Palm Beach Florida Investigators Surveillance Fraud Infidelity

Palm Beach Private Investigators, Florida Detectives, Spouse Infidelity - Marital assets may be spent and never recovered.  Specializing in Child Custody Cases or the surveillance of a spouse during a difficult divorce.  Your child's safety is our agencies our primary concern.  We have conducted numerous investigations of child custody, divorce and the slip and fall accidents claimed by dishonest employees.

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South Beach Miami Investigations

SOUTH BEACH INVESTIGATORS, Private Investigator, surveillance is an effective method in regards to documenting infidelity, divorce and during child custody cases. A picture or video is worth a thousand words. A cheating spouse or partner cannot hide behind their excuses or claims of innocents. If you need a licensed investigator to conduct surveillance, our agency can offer you expertise at an affordable price.

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Child Custody Cases, Cheating Spouse Surveillance, Business Theft

Palm Beach Florida

Private Investigators, Boca Raton Florida. Child Custody Cases, Cheating Spouse Surveillance, Business Theft.   If you need a licensed investigator to conduct surveillance during a divorce, worker's compensation cases or the " slip and fall " accidents claimed by dishonest employees, verify your partners background history, find a missing person or conduct, then document interviews for a court cases

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Computer Forensic Cell Phones, Computers, Storage Drives Devices

Computer Forensic, Cell  Phone Data Recovery. Forensics Investigations can recover hard drive data for infidelity or security issues.  The Data Recovery Forensics can also be used for civil liability, personal injury, insurance fraud, child custody and  white collar cases.   We can conduct computer, data recovery forensics in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach to Key West Florida.

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Florida Maritime Services

USCG Licensed Sea Captain For Vessel Deliveries or Recoveries. Foreign and Domestic Services.. We conduct maritime investigations and recover stolen vessels or property. Website:
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