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... and Another Phase of Renovation Has Been Completed!
This year, we have focused our attention on the ground floor, namely the (my) office, dining room and the entrance hallway (which included the staircase and the hallway on the second floor). The staircase was the most time consuming as it required restorati...

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Easy Ciabatta Recipe
Oh, the smell of fresh bread! It is simply irresistible! Today, I will share with you a very quick and easy Ciabatta recipe I have tried (and perfected) over the weekend... Ingredients: Warm Water (100-110F) - 2 cups Sugar - 3 tbsp (or slightly less, if the...

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BuildDirect Online Retailer
Now that we are moving full steam ahead (I will post a few more pictures of our brand-new-and-shinny ensure bathroom), I wanted to mention BuildDirect online retailer where we sourced most of our construction material. Feel free to click on the link/logo be...

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Renovation is going strong...
It is a second year we are renovating our house. So far, we have completely remodeled the kitchen (including excavating the ground beneath it, rebuilding foundation and the floors) and a washroom on the ground floor. I will post a few pictures later...
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