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Julie Reyes
Music educator. Vegan. Blogger.
Music educator. Vegan. Blogger.


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Hi everyone! New to the community! This is my little baby, Patches! We think she's an English Spot/Rex mix...such a huge personality from such a tiny bun!

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Vegan, raw, or not....this looks amazing and is a must try!
Raw Lemon Cheesecake

1 cups raw almonds
.25 cup dates, pitted
2 tbsp dried coconut
2 cups chopped cashews, soaked for at least 1 hour
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup honey (for vegan use light agave)
6 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp coconut butter* (dried unsweetened coconut liquified in the food processor)
.5 teaspoon vanilla (I use raw organic, alcohol free)
dash of sea salt (optional)
dash of lemon extract (optional)
Lemon Curd:
juice of 1 lemon
4 tbsp coconut butter (dried unsweetened coconut liquified in the food processor)
agave to taste, about 2 tbsp (I like it tart)
dash of sea salt
lemon extract (optional)
Fresh raspberries
Lemon zest

To make the crust, process the macadamia nuts and dates in the food processor. Sprinkle dried coconut onto the bottom of an 8 or 9 inch springform pan (found in Target). Press crust onto the coconut. This will prevent it from sticking.
To make the cheese, blend the cashews, lemon, honey/agave, room temperature coconut oil, vanilla, sea salt and lemon extract (if using). Blend until smooth and adjust to taste. Pour the mixture onto the crust. Remove air bubbles by tapping the pan on a table. Place in the freezer until firm. Remove the whole cake from the pan while frozen and place on a serving platter. Defrost in the refrigerator.
To make the lemon curd, first use a zester and reserve the lemon zest from the lemon to sprinkle on top of the cake later. Combine lemon, coconut butter, agave, salt, lemon extract in the food processor. It’s difficult to get it to come out completely smoothly, but it’s tart and delicious! Spread over the top of the cake.
Top with fresh raspberries and lemon zest

Thanks for the invite +Chris Tinney - looks like an awesome place to hang out! Vegan for almost 8 months and loving it!  =)

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NEW POST! A cute song and game idea for the upcoming holiday! #musedchat  

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A healthy way to enjoy your morning French toast! #vegan   #vegrecipes  

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The yummiest guac recipe around....brought to you by +David Guisao's mom! Gotta love recipes that are passed down through the generations! 

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National Vegan Day is here and so is the Virtual Vegan Potluck! Here is my contribution: stuffed artichokes!

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This was my first time participating in the Vegan Food Swap - here my reveal post for all of the goodies I received!

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An easy way to make a healthy and delicious snack! #vegan   #vegrecipes  
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