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Spreading Unforgettable Surprises Worldwide
Spreading Unforgettable Surprises Worldwide

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I'm firing up this page again! Look for more content and more often. I'm interested to see if anyone is still using Google+!
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+Dan Sandler have you ever done an iOS version of Markers? I looked on the Internet and found some APK sites that seem to indicate there is an iOS version, but they looked sketchy. I love that drawing program on my Android phone but I also have an iPhone and I would like to use it on that too if possible.
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The 10 Year Old Business Card
You know those stacks of rubber-banded business cards you have on your desk, in your computer bag, and on your dresser? Collected once at networking functions or trade shows they now sit there, dusty and forlorn. Months ago, you looked straight into the fac...
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My Favorite Event Memory, the Sequel
My Funniest Event Memory, the Sequel. Click  here  if you missed the first one. A large part of what we do at The Three Waiters International is to surprise people. Sometimes this involves us doing things that end up scaring the living daylights of our us. ...
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I use Viber a lot and I used to be able to do voice and emoji responses on my Pebble Time, but that is no longer an option in the menu. I can remember making any changes in the settings. I can still do responses to emails and texts. I did just get a Nexus 5x phone, but certainly that couldn't affect this, could it?

I've lost the ability to use voice in canned replies for Viber messages. I don't know if I messed up some settings or if one of the recent updates change this. Has anybody else experienced this?

I have Pebble Time Steel.

Is there any battery savings advantage if you turn your radio down to 2g when you know you're going to have Wi-Fi coverage in an office all day long?

What are you doing for car charging? There are no accessories in the Google Store for this.

On Amazon, I see an option of an adapter that will take a charger with micro USB and convert it to USB type C or the option of a dedicated USB type C car charger.

What are you doing?

A word about plastic. This is one of the main things I hear as a negative for this device, is that it feels plastic-y.

But it's so light, and the build quality is good, so I see this as a positive, and I've had glass sandwich and phones with metal construction. I love that this thing is light as a feather and does everything I need it to do.

If plastic was just invented, and it was rare and expensive, everybody would want this magical, light-weight, flexible material for their phones, but because we know it's cheap to produce we think the phone feels cheap.

I say, embrace the plastic. :-)

Does your Doze app conflict with Doze on Marshmallow? Can both be run at the same time? I looked on the app page and couldn't find that info.

Thanks for creating this app.
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