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Cybrary has had a facelift. I know there are lot of people here interested in security - so if you haven't had a chance to check out Cybrary yet - take a look.
I completed the CompTIA Security+ course a few weeks ago and worked my way through the penetration testing course. The penetration testing course was good - though very basic. The advanced penetration testing course is great.
Check it out!

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Gave my desktop a wee makeover with some Numix icons. #Numix are awesome. #linux #desktop  

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+Mark Smith  I love this video explaining TCP/IP. The Router is my favourite character

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Meanwhile.. in Pakistan.

I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say that my Godus world is probably pretty screwed considering I last looked at it 4 months ago.

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I would like £800 so I can buy the new Pixel. I think it is very important I have one.

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So I'm doing robotics as part of a module in my degree at the minute. Ever since starting it, I've fallen down the YouTube black hole of videos. #robotics #atlas
Robotic Expectations:

Bought a dirt cheap Chuwi V17HD tablet a few weeks ago from China as I needed something cheap and cheerful for testing. It had a fake version of KitKat on it and was really what you would expect for 30 quid. So, after rooting it, I flashed Rockchip Nexus 7 and sweet Jesus this thing is impressive. Nice and fast with its quad core processor and in its benchmark test, while not amazing it still rates higher than a Nexus 7. Very impressed. #chuwi #rom #rockchip #android

Passed my ISTQB certification exam in software testing a couple of days ago which is awesome. Today I spend the day learning Selenium with Python. This is an excellent way to spend the weekend.
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