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Singles Can Still Be Poly
More often than I can consider coincidental, people are puzzled as to how I can identify as polyamorous at times when I am currently participating in fewer than two loving relationships.  It seems that in the minds of many, polyamory is merely a particular ...

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Light Blue
(Author's Note: I first thought to write about this months ago.  Without the time to do so, I jotted down a few notes, with the intention of finishing it later.  Now, it's certainly later.) Back when I bought it and started wearing it, I never knew that a k...

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Well Played
Today something pretty amazing happened. My day started with continuing to feel down and hurt by something that I learned yesterday about my recent break-up.  The rain, traffic and having to wait around for appointments in doctors offices weren't doing any ...

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Introducing Picky Poly

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This was a big one for me.  If you enjoy long blog entries, this one's for you!  Probably won't find many posts like this on on the Solo Poly Life blog!

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