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Skaffold’s sophisticated stock research makes share market investing as easy as child’s play.
Skaffold’s sophisticated stock research makes share market investing as easy as child’s play.


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Whenever there is market volatility many investors panic and make quick, off the cuff decisions. This can lead to irrational actions that may not always be best for your investment portfolio.

Do you have a solid investment strategy for your SMSF? We found an interesting article from @Cuffelinks that lists seven golden rules for SMSF investors to follow and stick to. Read what the rules are from

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While you may have given little thought to portfolio allocation (aka portfolio weightings) when you first started buying shares, the risks of getting it wrong only intensifies the more you have invested in the stock market.

The good news is there’s nothing cerebral about getting your share allocation mix right. Here are five tips to set you on the right track.

When is the best time to buy shares? First you need to build a watchlist of top stocks, the buy during market corrections. Find out four triggers for share investment.

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Which industry and stock will be impacted by the Chinese economy?

Australia’s banking sector will feel the biggest brunt from China’s slowing economy. If China’s economy slows more than what the market thinks, then the demand for Australia’s exports will slow, which in turn will see Australia’s economy slow down. A slowdown in our economy will impact the housing market and ultimately the banks that lend the money to homeowners. Watch this video for more insights.

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Cimic (formerly Leighton Holdings) may not be a cheap stock, but its certainly on the path to greater things. After many years of poor business and even worse economics, the company is turning around.

In this video Greg Canavan of The Daily Reckoning Australia talks though how he combines fundamental analysis with technical charts to identify top quality growth stocks, like Cimic, to buy.

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Have any of the stocks in your portfolio announced a capital raising recently?

Most capital raising struggle to add investment value, and typically dilute your shareholding. Here are some tips to stop you getting caught out.

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How do you build an investment strategy that can withstand volatility in 2016? In our November webinar, @rjmontgomery and Chris Batchelor will reveal investment strategies used by professionals and SMSF investors to build share portfolios. They will also discuss how long to hold shares and when to sell. Register now as here are limited places.

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When is it useful to use moving averages? Will the ASX keep falling and is there more risk on the upside or downside? When should you sell shares? Watch this video to hear our insights.

A moving Australian dollar heralds mixed blessings for stocks on either side of the currency divide.

While currency should never be the only determinant of stock selection, you can’t incubate yourself against currency risk with around 30 per cent of Australia’s listed companies sourcing earnings from offshore.

That’s why you need to know the currency impact on the stocks you own. The more direct the currency exposure your businesses have, the greater the earnings hit (good or bad) is likely to be.

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We are getting ready for our November webinar where Roger Montgomery​ and Chris Batchelor will reveal their secret recipes for success in 2016. Roger and Chris will also talk about the optimal number of stocks to own based on how much you have invested, when to sell shares and some of the biggest challenges facing SMSF investors. Register now as there are limited spaces:
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